Went to see PAT tonight, the landlady at the Blue Bell, Bolsover

She had got her humans waiting on her hand and foot, and had a great meal and a drink chatting to them.

Huge thanks to Tom and Adam for all that they have done for this lucky princess.  She’s a real diva and has now found her original role in life.

Ruling over the whole of the pub and all who enters, she’s been groomed today and told the groomer a few home truths, and although they say she’s on a diet and looks fabulous she did manage to sneak in a few tit bits.

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WILF – Elderly gentleman terrier

Wilf, this wonderful older boy has somehow ended up without a home.  Wilf is lovely and asks for so little.  He’s a great mixer and could live with other dogs of his own age.  Wilf won’t be going with younger dogs or young children he now deserves that steadier pace.

He’s got a mouth full of bad teeth that will need removing once the vet says he’s well enough to.  However, at the moment he needs to recover a little as he had terrible kennel cough.  He’s in a foster home in Sheffield at the moment.

Wilf won’t be rehomed until he’s had his teeth removed and he feels fine however, people could potentially view him or fill the form in to show an interest in this quality older guy. Continue reading

APRIL – Mature lady seeks loving home

April is an older lady who has ended up without a home.  She’s just an ordinary cross breed older girl who is mature.  (7+)

April is very sprightly and can be strong on the lead – so no good for the doddery walks I’m afraid.  She won’t need too much exercise though and will enjoy a secure garden to wander around.  She enjoys being stroked.

April won’t be rehomed with other children or other dogs. being this age they get set in their ways and I think she will enjoy that quieter life.

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Amy – cute little terrier

Amy is a young wire haired jack russel thats full of energy and fun.

She’s has a viewing later this week and will hopefully have a new home if she gets on with the resident dog.  If not, Amy will be looking for a new home.

She’s fine to live with other male or female dogs as long as they are nice natured.  Amy has been let get very thin and so we are gradually building her weight back up for her.  She loves company and can bark if left on her own too long. Continue reading

BRYN needs a new family

Bryn is one very lost little staffy type boy.  We saw him in the dog pound – so very very scared.  His fear and terrified eyes never left me as he cowered in the corner.  As soon as we had a kennel space, we brought him home.

Whilst he’s settled here at the kennels, he’s very lost.  He strikes me as a dog thats had a loving family home and thats lost everything.  He’s trying to run to find his owner, to see their car – he’s looking for what he used to have, but what he used to have is gone.

Over the last few weeks we have managed to find him a settled kennel.  Somewhere he’s now stopped stressing in and will fall asleep but kennels are no place for a dog like Bryn.

Click below to see a video of this lovely dog

Watch this polite dog – someone has trained him, he’s such a good boy

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