Monthly Archive: December 2011

December 20, 2011

The Pounds Are BURSTING With Dogs Nobody Wants

These are the eyes that we see. When we walk into a dog pound we have space for just 2 dogs. As soon as we have 2 kennels free – we will go back and get some more. Imagine – being able to help just 2 sets of eyes – and knowing and seeing another […]

December 13, 2011

Pets at Home Groomers, Kilner Way

HUGE thanks to the Grooming salon staff at Pets at Home on Kilner Way Hillsborough. THANK YOU FROM OSCAR, TOBY AND TILLY. They all came into you so dirty, and messy. They have all found themselves without a home and without us as a rescue to take them in – and our fantastic fosterers for […]

December 12, 2011

Two More Saved From The Pound

We were asked if we would help 2 more large dogs that were in a dog pound – blocking kennels and probably going to be put to sleep if spaces couldn’t be found. We are full – but said that we would – they looked gorgeous and too nice to die. We welcomed in Stanley […]

December 10, 2011

So Much Sadness

I haven’t been writing on our blog much lately because there is just so much to do – by the time I have time to update the blog, I’m too tired to type. I can’t get my head around how many wicked and horrible people there are in this world and the pain and suffering […]

December 8, 2011


Missy was picked up in a dog pound along with another little Jack Russel girl.   Missy had a huge lump in her tummy and thankfully Sue took her home and into live with her little dogs.Due to the vet treatment that missy is undergoing, we have decided to keep Missy on as one of our […]

December 8, 2011

Mr Bumble

  Sadly, Mr. Bumble had to be put to sleep recently.  His breathing had got worse and he had a few strokes.  The vet thought it kinder on him.  We are pleased to have helped you little man – if only for a short while.   Mr. Bumble is an older staffy gentleman who came […]

December 8, 2011

Sooty The Lucky Black Cat

This poor old chap came to Rain as a stray. We think he’s over 10 years old, possibly in his teens and he is very deaf. He’d probably been living rough for some time however local residents became concerned about him one very cold snowy weekend when he clearly had nowhere to go. They contacted […]

December 2, 2011

Chilli – Dogue de Bordeaux

Wow!  My name is Chilli and I am a stunning 14 months old Dogue de Bordeaux looking for a wonderful home where I will get the exercise and attention I deserve.My previous owners used to hit me – and I flinch thinking you are going to do too – but the people at Rain Rescue […]


December 2, 2011

Mitch – Scraggy Terrier

Hi my name is Mitch, and I’m a really nice friendly little boy. I have a lovely long wirey coat and I’m just so cute. I get on with all the people here, and I like other dogs. The people here at Rain Rescue say I won’t be waiting for my new home for too […]


December 2, 2011

Toby & Tilly – Two older Yorkies

We are two little yorkshire terriers that have found themselves on troubled times. We have always lived together and was very happy with our home – but sadly our owner has died and we were left homeless. Thankfully Rain Rescue have a couple of yorky mad foster people, and so thankfully we haven’t had to […]