Monthly Archive: April 2012

Easter weekend ....

April 29, 2012

April fundraising days with Pets@home

  Meet Vickie, Claire and Kieren with the scrumptious staffy Cilla, on Easter Saturday outside Pets@home Drake-house- Crystal Peaks in Sheffield. A big Thank you to Pets@home for their support to Rain rescue, during our fundraising events in April 2012.   Easter weekend our team of volunteers were selling Easter presents, that had all been […]


April 29, 2012

Bella and Molly go home

A lovely weekend, where we saw both Bella and Molly go home.  Molly is now called Betty, and was such a good girl at the vets for her check-up, and has made her new family’s life complete along with their 2 cats. Bella has found a great family home but her new big brother just […]

pepe - this is my home now

April 27, 2012

Update from Pepe

Many of our regulars will remember the lovely Pepe.  We got him out of a dog pound and had him here at Rain Rescue for a few months.  We couldn’t find the right home for him.


April 21, 2012

Shelby – I love cuddles

Has found a lovely home with a great family who will love her for life and give her lots of cuddles.   No longer unwanted and thrown away – discarded like yesterday’s rubbish.   Now loved and appreciated for the devotion she gives to her new family.  


April 21, 2012

Kane – young playful friendly staffy

    Kane Our fabulous boy Kane has gone to a wonderful family – with lots of land on a gorgeous small holding.  He found himself some new playmates too and a great girlfriend to play with.   Glad to have helped you little man.   He’s a fabulous dog and he’s found a fabulous […]


April 21, 2012

Chocolate Staffy – Brock

Brock has now gone to his new home. This boy is so handsome and is full of character.           Every now and then you come across a really quality staffy.   Here at Rain Rescue we do see quite a few of them, dogs that make you go WOW!!!!  Brock is one of […]


April 21, 2012

Mollie – the most gorgeous collie x

This lovely little girl – petrified and shivering in the dog pound, found her perfect home straight away when she came to Rain Rescue.  Once we knew she could live with cats – the rest was a happy ending.   Betty is now her new name, and she’s made her new family’s home complete.   […]


April 20, 2012

The pound is full – yet another 4 lives saved

Another visit to the pound – so many lost and lonely faces – we managed to save 4 again today.   In just this week alone, Rain Rescue have saved the lives of 8 dogs – 7 of them were in a dog pound facing possible destruction – only 1 was handed in by the […]


April 20, 2012

Sweet Tasha – finally goes home

Our lovely little Angel was seen by a lovely lady and somehow, Tasha managed to tell her, that she was the dog for her, and she was.   Tasha was thrown out with the bathwater from her previous owner.  She had a damaged leg, which Rain Rescue are going to get sorted and pay to […]

April 20, 2012

Busy day at Rain Rescue today

  Three dogs were saved from the dog pound – the pound was full – and at least this means there are three more kennels there for them to put in more dumped dogs.  Will it ever end.  At least whilst ever Rain Rescue are still here, we can keep saving lives.