Monthly Archive: June 2012

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June 30, 2012

Found homes for some lovely dogs this week

Our wonderful Shelby – who has been with us for some time, has found a great home where they love her SO much.  Shelby loves the cuddles and the armchairs and is great when out walking – you just have to give them time and a few rules.   Lots of love Shelby – Rain […]


June 21, 2012

Harry now safe and ready for his tail removing at Jerry Greens

Fabulous news, a busy few days but we managed to secure a rescue centre that would take on our little Harry.  The lovely boy who had been somehow dumped and who’s tail is so damaged it has got to be removed.  More pics to come   The pound staff all thought he was a lovely […]


June 21, 2012

Grace and her babies, all delivered and safe

Grace had her babies last night in the pound – on her own she brought 7 wonders into the world.  Little did she know, that her luck was about to change – and the luck of the 7 wonders.   This morning, our lovely volunteer Kristina drove her the long drive up to The Blue […]


June 20, 2012

Urgent – Rescue space needed for dumped mummy – full of babies

This lovely girl was found dumped – her tummy is bursting full of babies – and will be having them any day now.  The pound are bursting full and she’s so nice and sweet.  They are desperately trying to find her a rescue space to have her puppies.   She CANNOT be rehomed to the […]


June 20, 2012

Urgent – rescue space needed for boy with broken tail

A local pound is full – and this boy needs an operation of over £250 – he’s ONLY A BRINDLE STAFFy – but he’s gorgeous.  The pound have asked us if we can help to find him a space somewhere – so we are phoning and trying to get him sorted somewhere safe and somewhere […]


June 20, 2012

Night Night Mr. Ben

Today the 19th June, we remember the lovely BEN – a perfect Gentleman – who we found in a cold pound in January.  An old man, who had stopped complaining any more, and was curled up with his head low under his legs.  We took him out, but sadly on his health check, we found […]


June 19, 2012

Inka – one lucky girl saved – hundreds left behind!!!

One of our volunteers has started to go into one of the pounds to take photos of the dogs in there needing to find homes URGENTLY.  Its a very hard distressing thing to do.  I’ve done it for far too many years – and it takes its toll on you.  Emotionally – you can only […]


June 9, 2012

Harvey – Young little Yorkshire Terrier Cross breed

Little Harvey – has found himself a fabulous new home with a nice older brother to keep him company.  This poor boy, ended up being with a young many who was struggling to look after him self, and social Services asked us to help him.  We took him in to find him a new home […]


June 7, 2012

Deaf Jeff finds a fabulous new home

The fabulous Jeff goes to a new home.  He will be travelling on the bus all over the place, and has been a really good boy.  Sadly, he’s just come down with kennel cough and is really poorly – but should hopefully come through it ok – being in a home with medication and love […]


June 5, 2012

Penny – German Shepherd puppy

Penny has gone to her new home today with one of our volunteer dog walkers – we will be able to see lots of her in the future and are so happy that she’s found a fabulous new home.