Monthly Archive: July 2012


July 30, 2012

Busy weekend, saving lots of lives

The fabulous little Midge has gone to a wonderful new home where he won’t hardly be left on his own and they will love to play toys with him. Jessie has gone to her new family with a loving big brother and sister who will care for her.  She’s just gone down with the dreaded […]


July 28, 2012

He’s still waiting in the pound – those eyes ???

This boy – is still waiting in the pound for a home.  He’s had a terrible life.  When we saw him a few weeks ago he was so thin and skeletal – he’s put some weight on – and is looking a little better now. Those sad eyes, that sad walk – he’s never been […]


July 28, 2012

Rain Rescue have saved 13 dogs and 10 cats this Week!!!!

Such a small rescue doing great work.  Nobody knows all that we do behind the scenes – only those whose lives we save. This week – we took 13 dogs out of YORKSHIRE dog pounds and either have them our selves in kennels or foster homes or have taken them to the 2 rescues who […]


July 28, 2012

Angel – asking for cuddles and a nice settee

  Angel’s new mum and dad saw her photos and her sad story and thought that this girl could slot into their home just great.  Angel loves the settee and cuddles and thats just what she’s going to get from now on.   Rain Rescue are happy to have saved your life ANGEL xxx


July 28, 2012

Leo – Giant of a boy – Leonburger? GSD? around 7 months old

This wonderful dog has found himself a wondefful new home.  We have all loved him to bits here at the rescue, and he’s spent many a cuddle with us all.  Now, we know- we have found him a lovely home. Who on earth could have thrown a dog like this away to end up in […]


July 26, 2012

Churchill – OH YES!!! The most gorgeous boy

AT LONG LAST – our wonderful Boy has finally found the right home.  He’s been waiting a long time.  We all love him to bits, but his new family saw him and then went on holiday – and when they came back – they knew he had to join them.  THANK YOU TO CLAIRE, KEIRAN […]


July 25, 2012

6 dogs saved from the pound – busy day – but worth it

Long busy day today – drove up to the pound to find 6 dogs, to fill kennels up that Wood Green at Godmanchester had offered to Yorkshire Poundies. Its hard to find 6 sets of eyes out of so many other homeless ones – all pleading for you to please take them?  Very upsetting for […]


July 23, 2012

Three dogs saved from a pound – 1 a 15 year old lady

We were asked to help a little dog – riddled with mange in a dog pound – a really nice friendly little girl – who had done no wrong apart from ending up being owned by irresponsible owners.  Mandy was in a terrible state – her hair falling out all over – and sore – […]

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July 20, 2012

Ruby has a fabulous new family and big brother

Ruby has now settled in her new home – she is not the terrified little dog that came to us – just over 5 weeks ago. The Nix family have nursed her, and given her love (ok as well as lots of vet trips), and all the nix dogs have shown her that life can […]


July 19, 2012

Dexter – adorable babe

  This loveable lucky little boy is going to stay with his foster mum – he’s such a good boy – and is settling in so well – that she just can’t bear to part with him. This is one VERY lucky little man.