Monthly Archive: December 2013


December 31, 2013

HAPPY 2014 – from all at Rain Rescue

Here’s to a great 2014 to all our friends and supporters Thank you for being there and helping Rain Rescue saved 295 dogs during 2013.  Please keep supporting – lets help as many and maybe even more through 2014.  Rain Rescue has to continue and survive – whilst so many rescues are folding under the […]


December 31, 2013

Rain Rescue’s 296′th saved dog of 2013 – horrific

Taken into Rain Rescue’s care today – this is the cruelty and neglect in South Yorkshire today This horrific state of a dog was brought home to Rain Rescue this morning.  The pound phoned to see if we could give him shelter and care – a dog pound is not the right place for a […]


December 31, 2013

KELLY – 6 month old baby Mastiff/Dane

Has gone to her new home up in AYR today, a long drive for her mum and dad and big brother but this girl will hopefully grow into being a great all rounded young lady.  We were so happy to see her go home.


December 31, 2013

MAX – Senior Gent needs steady retirement home

Hi My name is Max.  I’m a lovely steady boy and I get on with other dogs both large and small. I’m looking for a new home, which isn’t great at my time of life you know – but I’m happy to blend in I just want a nice warm home to potter around in […]

December 31, 2013


Here is our end of 2013 Appeal – please give £2.00 or whatever you can afford to help to pay our bills towards the 295 dogs that we have saved from true pitiful and crisis situations. Last month our vet bill was over £4,000. I dread to think what Decembers will be. When we went […]


December 30, 2013

ANGEL – Loving, Playful and friendly

Hiya everyone, it’s me here Angel. I’ve just moved into a foster home with Auntie Pauline and Cody and Jenson.  I do just like my cuddles and exercise. I mix well with all other dogs and love cuddles. I am one giddy little kipper as I am only 18 months only. Here I am playing with […]

December 28, 2013

Sherry – 10 week old Terrier puppy

This gorgeous little puppy has just gone to her fabulous new home today. sherry, we are happy to have helped you on your new life.


December 27, 2013

Elliott – Friendly adorable Collie

Elliot has just gone to a wonderful new home where he will get lots of treats and learn to trust people and traffic again. It was great to see him go home. Hi my name is Elliott.  I’m new here at Rain Rescue.