2017 Cat Intake Age Breakdown




As i said yesterday I love stats so I’m spending some time this weekend looking back over the past year to see where our impact was and where we should focus our efforts going forward.

The chart below shows the age of cats entering our care in 2017. As you can see the overwhelming majority of cats entering our care were less than a year old. What a heartbreaking reality that cats and kittens only just into this life find themselves homeless.

It is clear from these figures more must be done to prevent unwanted litters. Did you know Cat Smart offers FREE neutering for those living in the Sheffield area. Rain Rescue hopes to be able to continue their Snip N Chip project for those in Rotherham (funding pending!) but ultimately it will fall on the good education of the public and future generations to stop the overbreeding of cats in the UK.


- Please neuter your cat. They can breed from just 4/5 months old, many of the young cats entering our care were also mum cats not even past kittenhood themselves.
- Adopt don’t shop. Seriously, there are so many cats in rescue needing loving homes. PLEASE let’s stop buying kittens from Gumtree and social media selling sites – this only encourages irresponsible breeding.
- Do your research. Cats and kittens from rescues centres will usually come health checked, vaccinated, neutered (or with neutering included in the adoption fee), flea’d, wormed and chipped! Does the kitten your neighbour is selling for a tenner have the same?

- Please consider an older cat, although we do have less entering our care any cat over the age of 1 will wait much longer for a home than those under.
- Support your local rescue. In all seriousness small rescues like Rain Rescue need your support to continue to be here for cats with no one else. Without public support the 298 cats saved last year might still be out there now wandering the streets, or worse. We receive no government or lottery funding and therefore rely solely on your support to keep saying lives.

Please text ‘MEOW22 £1/2/3/4/5/10′ to 70070 or visit www.justgiving.com/rainrescue - thank you!

Posted on January 14, 2018
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