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23/3/13 Holly is staying in the Rain fold, she is such a lovely lady and will be staying with us in long term foster to live out the rest of her life as a Rain Rescue dog, after such a horrible experience Holly is finally settled, safe and happy.

This wonderful girl that her horrible owner left out in the garden during the freezing cold weather to fend for herself – was taken into Rain Rescue.  Our lovely foster family Tom and Claire are currently caring for her.

The latest update on Holly:
“Gorgeous Holly still looking for her forever home. This girl is an absolute Angel, she is such a gentle lady. She couldn’t be rehomed with cats (she thinks they are for chasing) and although she ignores other dogs we think she would possibly benefit from being an only dog. She loves her walks and walks fantastic on her lead staying by our sides all the time. She is currently being left for 4/5 hours during the day and is no problem she jumps on the sofa and sleeps. She knows all her commands and is very well mannered. Holly is extremely clean in the house. She would be fine with older, calm children and is very gentle with Tom’s kiddies when they visit. This girl has been let down very badly by humans in the past, It’s heartbreaking to know what she’s been through when she is just so trusting and full of love and loyalty.”

Note from Holly’s foster mum,

Holly has been with us in foster for a couple of weeks now and we all absolutely adore her, she was very stressed and terrified when she first came to us i think she was totally bewildered after everything she had been through. With lots of love and reassurance she startled to settle down. She is just an Angel. She’s a very laid back, calm girl who is so eager to please.

Holly is very well mannered and knows all her commands, she is very gentle and well behaved and is extremely clean in the house. She walks fantastic on her lead, loves to play in a nice secure garden and just loves everyone she meets.

She’s a very affectionate girl and loves giving her paw for strokes, she loves a good old tummy rub too.

She is currently being left for around 4-5 hours while I’m at work and is absolutely fine, she has a walk in the morning before we leave and is happy to curl up on the sofa and sleep til i get back.

Holly would be fine living with calm, older children she is just a darling when my partners kiddies visit and is very gentle around them.

She would not be re-homed with cats as she thinks they are to chase, she would probably be better homed as an only dog too.

A nice calm home would suit Holly perfectly, possibly one with not many steps or where she wouldn’t have to climb many stairs to get inside.

This girl is just adorable and has been seriously let down by humans, this home needs to be her last home. A home where she can feel loved and secure for the rest of her days. In return she will be a loyal friend for life, she is a gorgeous girl who really deserves a second chance and will give you heaps of love in return.d

We just cannot understand why she was dumped by her previous owners, she is absolutely perfect in every way.

If your looking for a loving, loyal companion please consider Holly.



This wonderful girl has given her life to people – her payback?  to be dumped in a garden and left.

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We were asked to help an old dog who’s owner had moved out of the house and left her in the back garden.  IN FREEZING SNOWING WINTER

This lovely gentle loyal older girl asks for so little.  Just love, warmth and kindness – she was re-payed by her owner neglecting her in the scarey outside cold and ice.

ImageThankfully someone knew she was there and had been phoning round rescue centres desperately trying to find her a place.  Thankfully she found Rain Rescue.

How could we leave an old girl outside on a freezing January night.



She is around 7 or 8 years old – won’t need a lot of exercise – is great on the lead.  A lovely homely natured lady.  Holly’s looking for a home with just gentle exercise.  Being an older girl and a gsd – their back ends aren’t always that strong and she is showing signs of weakness.  She cannot climb up steps very well either.

We can sleep well knowing that she’s loved.  We will find you a nice home soon.


The stress is shown on her face so much – what on earth has been happening to her.



IMG_3538 IMG_3532 IMG_3528 IMG_3529 IMG_3524


If you have a suitable home for Holly – knowledge of gsd’s or large older breeds and can afford future vet bills that may incur with older dogs – a nice warm home and a promise to love her for the rest of her days – please fill in the pre adoption form below.

Holly is fostered in Sheffield, South Yorkshire (PS She was called Eva until we knew her name was Holly)



Posted on January 26, 2013
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