Rehoming Your Pet

Rehome Your Pet 

Each day RAIN receives calls and messages from members of the public asking us to take in their pets for a variety of reasons, however the demand on our services is more than we can cope with. Rain Rescue tries to be here for pets who have no owners to care for them.

Firstly please remember your pet is YOUR responsibility you have a duty of care to ensure their care and safety as well as the safety of other people and animals. Consider long and hard if rehoming is the only option, usually there are alternatives such as a family member of friend to help out, alternative day time care, and seeking the help of a behaviourist.  The truth is rehoming is not as easy as most people think, there are more dogs and cats than there are good homes. Passing on a dog or cat due to behavioural issues is irresponsible and should be dealt with by yourself as a responsible owner, always seek the help of a behaviourist and if the change in behaviour is sudden please see a vet to ensure there is nothing medical causing the change. Ask yourself can you adapt in any way so that you can keep this pet at home, usually most of what they want is the family that they have always known and felt safe withRehoming should only ever be considered once all theses options have been exhausted. 


What to do …

Please don’t abandon your pet, this is extremely dangerous and leaves their fate unknown. NEVER advertise your pet as free to good home.

Our advice if you HAVE to give up your pet is as follows.

  • Is your dog aggressive to other dogs or people?  If so, is it right to pass the dog onto another who may not be able to cope? Be responsible and see a behaviourist/trainer and take the dog to your vet and ask for their advice. Find your local VSPDT here. They are qualified and only use positive ethical methods.
  • Make sure your pet is neutered (then people won’t want it for breeding).
  • Make sure your pet is microchipped, hopefully you can be able to keep a trace on it even for a short time. This is a legal requirement.
  • Take nice photos of it in a home and happy environment to show off it’s character – if its good with children/dogs/cats show that in the nice clear photos but DONT LIE!
  • Write up a good, clear, truthful description. Talk about energy levels, training, temperament with other animals and children etc.
  • Create your poster and put it up in any nice places you think you might find the right kind of owner for your pet. We would never recommend putting on Facebook or on-line advertising sites. Instead put up in your local vets reception area, pet shops, in the Library, local Post Office – be imaginative and find that good owner. Travel out of your area if need be.
  • Put a date on the poster and a contact telephone number.
  • NEVER put up Free to Good Home.
  • Put on under Private Rehomings.
  • If people phone or email, talk to them honestly and ask lots of questions. You can ask the questions that are on the Rain Rescue REHOME ME FORM as that will tell you a lot about the person.
  • Ask them for photos of previous pets they have had.  Ask for a Vet Reference (and phone and ask about them).  Get their name and address and ask for proof of that address if they come to meet your pet.
  • Don’t just hand your pet over, meet them in a park or field – somewhere neutral and see how they interact with your dog.  A cat is harder, and maybe you would want to go with a friend.   Always check their address out on Google Maps to see where abouts it is and how far away from you.
  • Use your senses and your gut instinct.


Rescue Centres

If you do manage to find a rescue centre that will take in your pet, please check this over carefully.   Make sure you know whats going to happen to your pet.

  • Are they a reputable centre?
  • Where will your pet be kennelled?
  • Will it have bedding in its kennels?
  • Will it have any heating even through the long cold winter nights?
  • Will it be fed like you feed it once or even twice a day?
  • Will it ever be walked?
  • How quickly do they think they will be able to find your pet a home?
  • What is their euthanasia policy?

Here at Rain Rescue we are always inundated with calls, messages and emails from people asking us to take in their dogs and cats, although we understand people’s circumstances do change and sometimes pets can be challenging our ethos is to help those in true crisis who have no one else to care for them. We mostly take in dogs from the council pounds due to be put to sleep or cats abandoned on the streets who have no one else to care for them. Although we will always help where we can, we are overloaded and simply can’t help the majority of calls that we get.

To send a request to us to rehome your pet please fill in the following form, please note we are based in South Yorkshire and cannot take in dogs from outside our local area: