Dog Rehoming Process

There are three basic steps in our rehoming process: Apply, Match and Adopt. Our staff will always be on hand to discuss your individual requirements and answer any questions you may have during the process.

Our rehoming process is carefully tailored to each applicant and each dog. The rehoming process can sometimes be completed as quickly as in one day, but you may need to wait some time before you find your perfect pet. We ask that you put careful thought into what will be involved in caring for a dog and make sure that everyone in your household is ready for the responsibility.


STEP 1: Apply

Before we match you with a dog, you will need to register your details. You can do this here. Once you have completed the form please send some photos of your home, garden, fencing and any current / past pets to support your application.

The best place to start your search and keep up to date on dogs that are available for rehoming is on our Available For Adoption page. All dogs that are ready for rehoming will have their own web profile providing details about their character and the sort of home that they are looking for.

Step 2. Match

At this stage our team will look into the behaviour and background of the dog that you are interested in to see whether they may be a suitable match for you to come and meet them – we aim to reply to each application within 48 hours but regrettably cannot reply to all applications. Each dog is assessed when they come into our care to find out what they are like and what sort of home, lifestyle and environment would best suit them. Within this assessment we take into account a dog’s suitability to be rehomed with:

  • Other dogs – we will take into consideration a dog’s previous behaviour around other dogs.
  • Cats – we will take into account a dog’s previous behaviour around cats and also their apparent ‘chase drive’ which indicates if a dog can live with a cat or not. All customers who rehome dogs to live with cats are provided with detailed support packs on how to introduce them safely but ultimately it is the responsibility of the adopter to ensure the safety of their animals.
  • Children – a lot of the dogs in our care arrive as strays with no information about their previous history. As a result, we take great care when rehoming dogs to households with younger children.

We cannot guarantee any animal seen on the website will be suitable for a prospective owner. Sometimes the first dog that you pick won’t be the most suitable, so please keep an open mind regarding other matches. Regretably we cannot guaranteee that we will have a dog that is suitable for you at the time of application, if this is the case we will keep your details on file and ask that you keep checking the website.


When a suitable match has been found, you will be able to meet your potential new dog. Please remember that the kennel environment can be stressful for some animals and they may not behave as they normally would in the home. Some animals may appear shy, while others are loud or boisterous. The team will give you a better indication of the dog’s true personality upon meeting them.

All members of the family will need to meet a potential match. It is vital that everyone who will be living with the dog meets the animal.

Any other dogs who would be living with the new dog will also have an introduction; this will need to be arranged prior to your visit.

Our centre is not open for visitors who have not completed the application part of the rehoming process.

STEP 3:  Adopt

Before leaving our team will go through any additional information that you may need to help your pet settle into their new home. All adopters receive our support as part of our aftercare – we will usually give you a phone call within seven days of rehoming to find out how you and your new dog are getting on and be available for any advice required thereafter.


Our rehoming fee varies depending on the desirability of the individual dog but is typically around £200 and includes the following package:

  • Health Check
  • Microchipping
  • Initial vaccinations
  • Flea and worming treatment
  • Neutering
  • A collar, identification tag and lead
  • Four weeks free Petplan insurance as your dog settles into their new surroundings.

Please note we do not hold reserves on any of our animals. We accept payment by cash or debit / credit card. We cannot accept cheques. Rehoming fees are non refundable. At our discretion should a dog be returned as it is agreed it is in the best interests of the animal, we may refund minus an admin fee of £25.00


When we take on an animal, we make a pledge to ensure their well-being for the rest of their lives whilst ever we are able to do so.  Rain Rescue is a small charity, but we strive to ensure that new owners can call on us for support and advice when needed, but it is stressed that it is the responsibility of the owner to deal with any issues both medical and behavioural that may occur from the date of adoption and thereafter.