Visiting an Animal

If you are interested in meeting and potentially adopting one of the animals in our care we ask that you fill in our REHOME ME FORM, which allows us to see if you, your home and lifestyle are a suitable match for your chosen animal.

If we think the match is good you will then be invited to come and meet the animal either here at the centre or at the home of the foster carer.

Our centre is not open to the general public as we find it is highly stressful for the animals here in our care. For dogs especially the rescue kennel environment can be overwhelming. At Rain Rescue we use a number of techniques to reduce the negative effect of kennelling. Recent studies have shown that a high frequency of visitors can have a huge impact on the behaviour, health and stress levels of a dog in kennels.

Registered charity Wood Green recently conducted a survey that showed on Bank Holiday weekend may 2013 only 15% of visitors to their kennels were actually interested in adopting a dog, the rest of the visitors were there for a day out or an event.

By managing the people visiting the site by providing appointment based meets, we can ensure the animals in our care are not unnecessarily stressed out and that the visits are with a view of finding the animals new homes. We also find it increases the chances of the finding homes as the time spent with them during a meet is out in our fields where the dog can behave naturally and interact with the visitor rather than from behind the bars of a kennel where they can feel frightened, threatened and nervous.


Q : Why can’t I come and choose a dog or cat myself?

A : We feel that the rehoming process goes better if we work with you to choose an animal that is right for your lifestyle and needs. There is no reason why after filling the REHOME ME form in and being invited to visit that you can’t meet other animals here, again so long as they are suitable.

Q : Why are we not able to freely walk around your centre?

A : As a charity Rain Rescue are focused on providing the best possible welfare for the animals in our care. We believe by giving the public free access to the centre we would not be providing this for the reasons stated above.

Q : I am a Rain Rescue supporter and would like to see the work you are doing in person?

A : We are very grateful for your support and rely entirely on donations from the public. Hopefully you support us because you care about animal welfare as much as we do therefore our policy of appointment only visits is highly important. There will be opportunities to meet our team and some of the animals in our care at community events such as our annual dog show and street collections. We are also looking at the possibility of organising open days for our most loyal and dedicated supporters in the near future.

Q : How do you expect to rehome cats and dogs if no one can see them?

A : Having had this policy in place for many years we have not found it affects the number of animals we rehome. We usually find that should some one be truly interested in rehoming the right animal for them they are keen to follow our procedures.

We would like to thank you for your understanding. If you have any further questions please email