Belle finds home with Betty – A true happy ending


We have had a rollercoaster of a morning here at RAIN which had the most perfect of endings.

We received a desperate phone call from a lady who due to serious medical conditions had to make the heartbreaking decision to rehome her dog Belle, a gorgeous Daschund who is blind in one eye. I must stress this lady had no option, no where else to turn and is heartbroken to lose her beloved companion.

Gemma picked up Belle this morning from her home in Sheffield and brought her to RAIN reassuring her owner we would do all we could for her. Now we knew finding a good home for Belle wouldn’t be the hardest of tasks as being little and lovely she would of course be popular. As we all said hello to her this morning and started to think where we could put this lovely girl, we just realised we already had the most perfect of homes for her in our fabulous supporter Betty. Betty sadly lost RAIN dog Monty at the New Year and even though she still grieves for him we knew Belle would fit right in with her other RAIN dog Bonnie. So we called and Betty agreed she would love to meet her. Gemma loaded her back up into the car and went on her travels over to Betty’s to introduce her.


We’ve called her previous owner and she is delighted to know Belle never had to face the upset of kennels and will be loved and cared for.

We must thank Betty hugely for her continuous support of our cause and for opening her home and heart to the fourth RAIN dog that needed her.

So there we have it. A dog that this morning was facing an uncertain future has been sprinkled with RAIN magic dust and is now in its forever home as part of a fabulous trio, Betty, Belle and Bonnie, all within an hour or two.

Posted on January 21, 2016
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