BOSUN – Wonderful Bulldog

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Our wonderful boy has just gone off to his fabulous new home with lots of bulldog cuddles to come.

Have a great life Bosun, we have so loved helping and saving you – its been a pleasure.

Just sad it wasn’t me who was taking you home.  Love ya little boy and please come back and give us a kiss some time.

Meet Bosun – a wonderful funny, charismatic Bully who is finally ready to look for his new forever home.

At just 10 months old, this wonderful character was thrown away.  He has cost the rescue many many hundreds of pounds but he is worth every single penny.   He loves everyone and everything – sometimes too much love.


He is looking for a home where you are well aware about Bulldogs.  Where you can afford to get him insured because notoriously they do have many health problems and you need to be aware of the ‘just in case’.  Bosun is full on – or zzzzzz sleeping.  He doesn’t have an ON or OFF button, he just plays or sleeps.

Image 12He would be happy to live in a home with another neutered female dog and one that will play back with him but also that will tell him politely when enough is enough – he’s not one to easy say NO to.


Bulldogs have their own quirks and their own rules.  They must sleep on the beds, but will often also pee on clean blankets – its a bulldog trait – he sees no wrong in it.  You can sometimes, get round it by having his own raised bed – it often helps but bully people just know they have to be watched like a hawk.

Bosun was dumped in the dog pound in a very pitiful state.  His eyes were horrendously painful and have had to have 2 operations to sort out his sore Cherry eyes.  They should now be fine and cause no more pain, however, it will always be something you need to monitor carefully being a bulldog and regular vet check ups are always advised.

He had to be castrated and had only 1 testicle dropped which meant a really big operation for him.

We are just making all potential adopters to be aware of some of the things involved in owning a bulldog.  If you aren’t aware, read up on them so you are.

In saying all of this- Bosun is the happiest little dog around.  He will give someone hours and hours of fun and laughs hopefully for many years to come.  Whenever I see him I want to love him and snuggle and cuddle him – he’s just like a scrunchy fleecy blanket.    He doesn’t want to be left alone for much longer than 4 hours a day – he’s only a young boy.  He also will not need much more than half an hours walking twice a day but he will want LOTS of fun and play time in the garden or out with you.

Bosun is now waiting for the right home to come along.  We will not rehome him with another male dog nor an un spayed female.

Bosun has a rehoming fee of £550 which will go towards the cost of his operations and is obviously very cheap for a young dog of this breed.

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Posted on March 22, 2014
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