Bursting at the seams again …


Yesterday we returned to the pound to save two more in need (photos to follow just letting them settle in!) … and today we took back a lad who we rehomed this time last year as sadly despite trying it just hasn’t worked out in the home. No one’s fault and truly heartbreaking for all involved – but it also means we are totally bursting at the seams with not a kennel free. The next phone call we get we will have to say no … a word that is impossible when faced with some of the horrendous phone calls we get, dog wardens begging for help as the pounds are too full, families being torn apart with no where to go with their pets, the bereaved dogs whose owners have passed leaving them homeless.

Please can we ask you all to share the animals in our care and let’s find their forever families – without adoptions of the animals currently in our care no more can be saved.

Posted on February 24, 2017
Categories: News