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September 27, 2012

Spud – lovely quality friendly staffy boy

We received a call from a family looking for a young Staffy – we had just the lad .  We called on our way home to meet them, they fell in love with him instantly and we all knew then he had found his new home.   Way to go Spud – Fabulous.     […]


September 23, 2012

Rolo – lovely older gentleman Staffy

Our wonderful ROLO has gone to his new forever home !!!!! whippeeeee – thank you to Nickie for fostering him and giving him a stress free few weeks to help him recover after loosing his old owner. Rolo is gorgeous and we have found out even just how gorgeous he is being in a foster […]


September 22, 2012

Rose – a wonderful older bullmastiff girl

ROSE, after the neglect and abuse of a fabulous bullmastiff – bearing puppies for people – rose finally finds her perfect home with her new family. Ollie, a dog previously rehomed from Rain Rescue still can’t move over away from the fire though – but she’s happy to share with him.   Rose is gaining […]


September 21, 2012

Billy – wonderful long haired gsd

NEW: Billy goes home – to a fabulous home – with new friends and lots of walks with good food he will soon get up to a good weight. Billy is just a wonderful dog – how come he’s been dumped in a dog pound. At just 3 years old he’s had a rough life […]


September 18, 2012

Benny – lovely older guy

On Tuesday a lady spotted Benny on the website and fell in love with him, he is now happy in his new home. What a lovely lad he is and we know hes going to have a wonderful life. His new mum and dad knew he was perfect for them – they expected a few […]


September 18, 2012

Princess – Poor poor Westie

After years of the most terrible case of neglect we have seen in such a fabulous little dog, little Princess finds a wonderful new home. We had so many calls offering to help and adopt her, but something about her new mum sounded just right – and today – Princess went off to lead the […]

September 16, 2012

Jessie – the not so fit Sheffielder

Jessie is going on trial to her new home where we will see how she can cope with life.       Jessie is a 12 month old un-neutered female GSD. She came to Rain Rescue very underweight and with boobs drooping to the floor clearly having had puppies very recently when little more than […]


September 8, 2012

Major – wonderful long haired german shepherd boy

Major went to his new home today (15/9/12) and what a wonderful life this boy is going to have from now on.  His foster mum simply adored him – maybe too much as she would really have loved to keep him, as they all did who knew him.  The call tonight from his new mum […]


September 2, 2012

Junior – 8 month old cross breed

This wonderful lad – seen in a dog pound shaking and quivering wasn’t with us for too long.  His fabulous new home saw him – and instantly fell in love.  He’s got a great teacher in his big sister who will stand no nonsense from his cheeky ways.  He’s now called BOBBY and is getting […]