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December 12, 2013

Holly – Gorgeous Lhasa Apso lady

Hello my name is Holly and I’m a wonderful Lhasa Apso lady who is a little down on her luck. I came into Rain Rescue’s care from a dog pound where I had been left homeless.  Rain have cared for me, and had me all cleaned up and ready for my new home. I can be […]


December 9, 2013

ZIGGY – Home at last

Ziggy, the partially blind little schnauzer that was rehomed due to not being right in the first home we found for him, has finally found his forever home at last. We couldn’t have been happier than to see him settled in his new home  knowing they were perfect for each other. Love you Ziggy, and […]


December 7, 2013

PADDY – wonderful giant of a gentleman – goes home

When we went to the dog pound last week, we hard a deep WOOF WOOF, BANG WOOF WOOF BANG – to turn round and see this huge old boy barking at us, and his tail hitting the gate as he did. How could we not take hime home. He came here, and within the day […]


December 7, 2013

Trixie, matronly collie x senior girl

Our wonderful wonderful little girl has just gone to her new home this afternoon. Trixie, you were a pleasure to know and an even greater treasure to have saved your life. Have a great life Trixie, I know we have found you a fab home this time. Rain Rescue are happy to have saved your […]


December 7, 2013

Rex – Found his forever home.

This lovely collie boy has had a terrible time recently and been so passed around.  Whilst here at Rain Rescue he played with Bronte, and Yogi and Trixie and a lot more, he was a great boy and learned that life can be good. His new mum and dad saw him and the rest was […]

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November 30, 2013

Jilly- wonderfully sweet 5 year old Lurcher found her forever home xx

Meet Jilly a sweet  loving lurcher girl. Jilly is around five years old , she came into Rain Rescue from the dog warden who was desperate to get this wonderful little lady on the road to finding her new home. Jilly was found on the train track scared and alone, after  being dumped there with […]


November 26, 2013

Muffin – A true blue staffy girl

Muffin has just gone to her forever new home with her mum and dad.  Great to see she’s not in kennels any more and will be a forever pampered pooch now.

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November 26, 2013

SPECIAL APPEAL FOR PEANUT – Looking for a special loving home

“Hi my name is Peanut, and as you can see from my new photo I’m a pretty polly of a Staffy lady.   I had very sore skin that my wicked owners left un treated but now I’m recovering slowly and I just love having cuddles and playing ball with you.   I just want […]


November 24, 2013

Spike-Found his new home hey good luck boy x

Little Spike is looking for a new home.  He’s currently in a foster home and being cared for along with 3 other little boy and girl dogs. He’s so sweet and so very very lost bless him. Hes not snappy at all – just adorable.  Probably around 7 years old he’s recovering from kennel cough […]


November 20, 2013

Dylan – Has found his forever home

This wonderful friendly boy has ended up needing a new home.  He’s a great character and gives out kisses and hugs galore.  To take this boy on you must want a loving friendly affectionate boy that will shower you with kisses and licks. He loves to play with new friends both male and female but […]