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Miah. Samson, Patch and Zena 069

January 25, 2016

Sadness as we lose one of our own : RIP Zena

From a heart broken RAIN we are saddened to tell you that yesterday we lost our darling Zena. Her health has never been great but over the past couple of weeks we have seen her deteriorating. After speaking with our vet again yesterday and being advised of the pain she was suffering we had to […]


June 22, 2015

Help Secure The Future Of Rescue in Yorkshire

Have you considered helping secure the future of dog and cat rescue in Yorkshire by leaving a gift in your will to Rain Rescue? The generosity of gifts in wills would allow us to provide the necessary care to the dogs and cats here at Rain Rescue now and in the future. It is also […]


March 17, 2015

In Memory Of Our Dear Friend Linda

It is with a broken heart that we have to tell you that our wonderful friend and colleague Linda Napper has died suddenly today. Linda has devoted her life to helping others and nursing animals in need of help and passed away whilst caring for a pet in need. The lives she has saved are […]


March 5, 2015

Goodbye big lad, Ted

It is with the deepest sadness that today we have had to let our Ted go. As many of you know Ted has been suffering recently with terrible pain and collapsing when he was walking and running. After further tests and MRI scans today it was revealed his spinal cord was being crushed so badly […]


November 17, 2014

Sleep Tight Little Freddie

Some of you have may already read the news via our social media channels but it is with a heavy sad heart that we have to tell you our little Freddie was put out of his painful sadness on saturday and left to go and be free with the angels. This little loved boy who […]


September 28, 2014

Gift In Your Will – The Gift Of Life

Rain Rescue have to date never received a legacy. This is something we hope to change as gifts left in wills regardless of size can ensure that we can continue to be here to keep saving the lives of pets in crisis. The generosity of gifts in wills would allow us to provide the necessary […]


August 30, 2014

Sleep Tight Darcy!

Darcy the dalmation arrived with us just over a week ago, she was timid and had no idea why she had ended up in kennels. We struggled just to get her lead on to take her out of the pound but once she arrived here at Rain she ran around our field and seemed much […]


June 14, 2014

Sleep Tight Hamish Old Boy

It is with sadness in our hearts that today we had to say goodbye to Hamish. He was struggling this morning and it was heart breaking to see him, he had collapsed while tottering about the field. Our vet came out and advised us to let him go to the bridge, he went to sleep […]

December 12, 2013

Ronnie – Elderly gentleman

Sadly, we had to have Ronnie put to sleep on Friday.  It was very upsetting and sad.  This old boy had gone through so much and sadly, someone who he had loved, was there no more. His body was full of tumours when he went in for castration and it was agreed that he just […]

January 8, 2013

Heartbroken to Loose our 3 legged Charlie

Charlie was a brindle staffy that I saw in a dog pound not long after I had started to help poundies.  He was one of the dogs that really made me cry. I was in a dog pound on a freezing day  it was wet and so cold.  As I walked along the path with […]