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WILF – Elderly gentleman terrier

Wilf, this wonderful older boy has somehow ended up without a home.  Wilf is lovely and asks for so little.  He’s a great mixer and could live with other dogs of his own age.  Wilf won’t be going with younger dogs or young children he now deserves that steadier pace.

He’s got a mouth full of bad teeth that will need removing once the vet says he’s well enough to.  However, at the moment he needs to recover a little as he had terrible kennel cough.  He’s in a foster home in Sheffield at the moment.

Wilf won’t be rehomed until he’s had his teeth removed and he feels fine however, people could potentially view him or fill the form in to show an interest in this quality older guy. Continue reading

APRIL – Mature lady seeks loving home

April is an older lady who has ended up without a home.  She’s just an ordinary cross breed older girl who is mature.  (7+)

April is very sprightly and can be strong on the lead – so no good for the doddery walks I’m afraid.  She won’t need too much exercise though and will enjoy a secure garden to wander around.  She enjoys being stroked.

April won’t be rehomed with other children or other dogs. being this age they get set in their ways and I think she will enjoy that quieter life.

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Amy – cute little terrier

Amy is a young wire haired jack russel thats full of energy and fun.

She’s has a viewing later this week and will hopefully have a new home if she gets on with the resident dog.  If not, Amy will be looking for a new home.

She’s fine to live with other male or female dogs as long as they are nice natured.  Amy has been let get very thin and so we are gradually building her weight back up for her.  She loves company and can bark if left on her own too long. Continue reading

BRYN needs a new family

Bryn is one very lost little staffy type boy.  We saw him in the dog pound – so very very scared.  His fear and terrified eyes never left me as he cowered in the corner.  As soon as we had a kennel space, we brought him home.

Whilst he’s settled here at the kennels, he’s very lost.  He strikes me as a dog thats had a loving family home and thats lost everything.  He’s trying to run to find his owner, to see their car – he’s looking for what he used to have, but what he used to have is gone.

Over the last few weeks we have managed to find him a settled kennel.  Somewhere he’s now stopped stressing in and will fall asleep but kennels are no place for a dog like Bryn.

Click below to see a video of this lovely dog

Watch this polite dog – someone has trained him, he’s such a good boy

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DEANO – Older Gentleman Jack Russel

Deano is a steady old boy that is now looking for a new home.

Whilst he is fine mixing with other dogs, he doesn’t really want to live with them as he can be snappy sharing the attention.

He’s also looking for a home without young children – he’s not nasty – but wants a nice steady home now with some snooze time which isn’t usually whats wanted in a home with children either.

He cannot live with cats as he will chase them. Continue reading

RUBY – Friendly little girl staffy x

My name is Ruby and I’m really shining here at Rain Rescue.  They have tested me out with the cats – no big deal.  Ok I will chase if they run, but was fine with them just sitting around – so I maybe able to live with cats.… Continue reading


Hi, my name is Alice and I’m now looking for a new experienced home having been too much for my previous owner.

I am a strong lady with an equally strong will and mind and essentially need someone who will help me learn my rights and wrongs. Being an English Bull type I can be boisterous and very lively. I am a real character and very affectionate but need to find the perfect home that understand a typical Bullie like me. I love adventure and have a spice for life and I have lots of energy so I will need a home that love exercise as I never tire of a chance to go out walking. I am looking for a new home where someone is used to strong character dogs like me and can give me the nudge and keep me in line. I love to have fun but I can cross the line if you let me. I am also very strong on the lead so need a strong owner who is prepared to help me walk politely and continue introducing walking manners.

Alice loves to play ball

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SPECIAL APPEAL FOR DEAF DELILAH – Could you love a special friend who is deaf?

Hi – my name is Delilah and I’m a special girl looking for an equally special home. I live in my own world of Silence as I am a deaf dog. Despite my deafness, I am loving, smart, playful and I am also responding well to sign language.

I’m learning how to behave and how to respond to new signs every day and I am a very quick learner. I rely on my other senses and the other dogs around me. I get on really well with other dogs and would benefit in a home with a dog that can offer me that extra special guidance. I love  the company of other active dogs as I love to play. I need a doggy companion my own size that I can bond with. I am quite boisterous when playing so a smaller dog would not be suitable for me as I bound and jump at playtimes. Continue reading

RAGS – Scraggy Terrier x

Meet Rags – he’s a gorgeous boy who has now found himself looking for a new home.  Rags is full of energy and being a terrier he is looking for an active home.

Rags is around 3 years old.  He’s great mixing with other dogs.  Walks nicely on the lead but he’s busy and so will benefit from someone who enjoys training and being out and about.   A totally gorgeous young man that anyone would be proud to help with his training and give him a stable and loving home.

We are looking especially for a non violent or terribly noisy home.  Rags has been beaten in his previous life.  If you raise your voice to him, he’s terrified – this must never happen again.  He’s so sweet and good just needs the right owner that wont beat the dog cos the owner doesn’t know how to train dogs properly.

Rags cannot live with cats but could live with another friendly female dog.

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BUSTER – Chunky Staffordshire

Buster is looking for a new home.  A white staffordshire bull terrier (seen here with his friend a male patterdale).

Due to a change in family circumstances.  He hasn’t lived with cats nor small children.  Older children would be fine I’m sure.  He is KC registered and has been in the current home since being a puppy.

Buster loves to walk and play he is great with people – but as with all male staffords, he needs to get to know other dogs before he’s ok to socialise with them.   Continue reading

CEASAR – A loving and bright GSD x Junior

Hi, my name is Ceasar, and I am a young, handsome gsd cross breed boy that still has some growing and learning to do.

I’m mixing well with the other dogs here in the kennels but I will need someone who is used to training large dogs as I have lots of energy and I haven’t quite learned what I need to be doing to quite fit in yet. On saying this I am very eager to learn and very loving.

I am going out for walks with other dogs so I can learn some manners on walking and behaviour and I am coming on leaps and bounds since my arrival. I need a home that can offer me time and guidance and patience so I will grow into a well rounded dog with lovely manners.

Gorgeous young boy – watch him play ball with Lisa Continue reading

Tommie – Superstar Staffy

Hi, My name is Tommie

I am a really nice and well mannered little staffy.  Somehow, my previous owners didn’t want to keep me any longer and I found myself dumped in the dog pound.  It was a big shock I can tell you when I had done no wrong.  Now I’m in the care of Rain Rescue and I go out walking with Angel every day.

I love to play chase me with Peanut and most of the other  girls here if they are nice – I would like to live with a nice female or would be happy for you to have me all to yourself. Continue reading

Cassie – Friendly chunky staffy lady

Hiya my name is Cassie and I am wonderful.

I am the cutest and friendliest little Staffy ever. I love nothing better than cuddles and even prefer cuddles over treats! I would make someone a great companion and am loving and loyal and a prefect example of a Staffy. I would make a great little family dog.   As always, you need to know staffies, to love one and those who love us love us, but we aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.  Whilst I’m ok with some dogs, you have to remember I’m a staff and so I chose my friends carefully – I like it if you know staffies because we are so special.

Continue reading

Stanley – looking for that great home

Hi my name is Stanley, and I am living in a foster home in sheffield.  I am great out walking and mixing with other dogs. Here is what my foster dad says about me and he so wants me to find a new home where I am settled for life.

I met Stanley at Rain Rescue a few weeks ago. He walked well, but was always distressed in the kennel environment. As the weeks went by, he eventually went quiet, as though he had just given up. It was at this time I stepped in to foster him.At first, he was very subdued, but over a period of a couple of weeks, he started to show his true personality. Stanley loves human company. He will happily sit with you on the settee and watch television. It’s not just me either, my parents, brother and nieces have all had a bit of Staffie love from Stanley.

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Handsome Roger – Cute, loveable terrier guy needing a home


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ANGEL – Loving, Playful and friendly

Hiya everyone, it’s me here Angel.

I’ve just moved into a foster home with Auntie Pauline and Cody and Jenson.  I do just like my cuddles and exercise.

I mix well with all other dogs and love cuddles. I am one giddy little kipper as I am only 18 months only.

Here I am playing with Tommie and having my tummy tickled

Continue reading

CODIE – Frightened lurcher

Codie is a lurcher living in a foster home in Sheffield with a family and another male dog, he is now ready for his new home after a bad start in life.  He is a wonderful and very faithful boy.

From his foster mum

Had a wonderful walk with my wonderful foster dog Cody at Padley Gorge this afternoon. Still no interest in this gorgeous boy! Anti-Px – Come on please share this lovely lad – Just waiting for the right home to come along and love him forever

His previous owners were really cruel to him.  He has learned via his foster home, that he won’t be beaten ever again and that life can be fun.  The difference in this boy is amazing.

Codie is now looking for a new home, who has patience and if he gets scared again would help him.

Codie would really suit a home that doesn’t want to push him too far.  Even one that doesn’t go out that much but that has a secure garden where he could play would suit him.  The big outside world frightens him to bits.  He loves to travel in the car and be in the house or garden where he will play or sleep.

Codie could not live with cats or even small terriers. Continue reading

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