Protect your Pets if you are involved in an emergency with the Rain Rescue Emergency Pet Key Card!
Who would take care of your pets if you were suddenly taken ill or involved in an emergency situation. If you were ever unable to speak for yourself the Rain Rescue Emergency Pet Key Card holds the important information needed by emergency responders to ensure they can contact a friend, family member, vet or other establishment or your choice to take care of your beloved pets. When you purchase the key card you will also receive a Rain Rescue supporter car window sticker FREE!
Key Features
As thin as a Credit Card
Simply write on with a biro pen
Simple to add to your existing keys and key rings
Fully writable reverse surface
Durable material
Dimensions are 54 x 29mm, with a thickness of only 0.76mm (Same as your bank card)
All profits from the sale of these cards goes directly to Rain Rescue registered charity 1115089, saving pets in crisis since 2002 – www.rainrescue.co.uk for more information. We decided to design and produce these cards after we receive phone calls and emails on a daily basis where people have made no plans for their pets in case of emergency. We hope these cards will ensure people make sufficient plans with their friends, family and trusted organisations to ensure their pets are looked after should they no longer be able to.
Please note Rain Rescue are only a small charity who are always full saving the lives of dogs and cats with no owners, we are unable to provide any care or boarding services in emergency situations without prior arrangement. We urge you to make arrangements with family and friends as a first instance.
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Posted on August 4, 2016
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