Freya’s Story – terrified pup saved from pound


As many of you will know here at Rain Rescue we are primarily here to save dogs due to be put to sleep in the local stray dog pounds. It is the reason we were founded and continues to be our driving motivation for the work we do, and it’s stories like Freya’s that really mean we know the work Rain Rescue does is vital. Just a pup and already facing an uncertain future. Traumatised from a terrible start in life, who knows what the girls history held but her future is now bright …


Freya the day she arrived.

A few weeks ago Steve did his usual run to the pound and found this girl who we named Freya, just a baby maybe not even a year old, she was terrified and cowering to the back of her kennel, she had nothing but fear and just wanted to run! On her way out of the pound she clung to the persons leg, desperate for comfort from the big wide world. She came back to the Rain fold and we’ve spent the last few weeks gaining her trust. It’s been a slow process, starting with just sitting outside her kennel, throwing her treats (careful not to his the bars as just the ding of the treat hitting the metal scared her.) We’ve spent hours just sitting there, talking (and singing) to her so she knows we are nice people and that she’s ok now. We are now starting to see those barriers come down and a loving, affectionate dog appear from beneath.

Last week we had a huge breakthrough and finally she came out of her kennel and wandered onto the grass banking and sat with Fran and Lauren, going between then for fusses. Still wary of her surroundings but comforted by humans she can trust. Steve then brought Winnie, a gentle female lurcher girl in our care over to meet her as we suspected she was ”dogs dog” and we were right, Winnie’s confidence is a great comfort to Freya and they now spend lots of time together.

She’s a long way to go before her trauma is over but thanks to Rain Rescue she’s on the right path now. Freya is available for adoption and you can read more about the type of home she needs here.

A special thank you to Fran who has spent lots of time winning this girl over and showing her the world is not so scary!


Posted on August 27, 2017
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