Yesterday our day ended in tears. Tears at the sheer volume of pressure on us to help so many animals in need. Tears at the distress one of the dogs in kennels who cannot understand where his owner has gone. Tears at how people can be so heartless. But we are back to fight on another day – to make things better for dogs and cats who have no one else.
Did you know last year in the UK over 3,400 dogs were put to sleep in local authority pounds with over 81000 being picked up as strays.* Who knows how many were given away ”to good home” online. Why on earth people are still buying and breeding dogs on mass, why on earth people are importing dogs from abroad when we have such a problem I cannot understand!?!
We are asking people to open their eyes to the overwhelming number of animals in rescue. Open their eyes to the real responsibility of owning a pet. We are fed up of hearing ‘but i want’ … They are not a status symbol, they are not here to fit in with your ‘wants’. They are lives, brought into this world by humans and do not deserve to end up cast aside when no longer wanted.
We are also asking people to open their eyes to the difference they can make to the lives of dogs and cats that are homeless right now in the UK. Adopt, Volunteer, Donate!
This is Jenga, some of you will remember him, when he arrived with us (picture left) he was devastated to find himself in kennels, lost and lonely – nothing we could do to explain to him why he had been torn away from the loving home he once knew. Jenga, a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier who was deaf – our hearts broke for him as we knew the chances of finding a good home quickly were slim. The 2nd picture is Jenga now. Just look at the difference. Thank you to the people who gave this boy the loving home he deserved and opened their hearts to a rescue dog.
Please Adopt don’t Shop! You too can change a dog or cats life forever. If you cannot adopt please donate and help Rain Rescue continue to be here for those in need text ‘RAIN04 £1/2/3/4/5/10′ to 70070 or visit
*figures as per the Dogs Trust Annual Stray Survey
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Posted on August 1, 2017
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