Good News For Mabel



We are delighted to announce that Mabel is being adopted! After being in foster with her pals Yogi, Bronte and Boris it has become very clear she is extremely happy in her home. She has slotted in so well that her foster family, they have decided to adopt her as they just love and adore her.

Mabel is still under veterinary care due to her ongoing medical issues so wouldn’t have not been ready to move to another home for at least another few months as she needs to get past her infection in full and then be spayed. By which time she will have been in her foster home for nearly 6 months, it would be so sad to move her on and unsettle her once again. The good news is also she will remain close to the charity, coming to work to the office each day and attending fundraising events where she will get to meet all her wonderful supporters.

A huge thank you to EVERYONE who has applied to adopt, liked, shared, commented and shown support to Mabel’s appeal in any way it is so appreciated and I am sure you will be happy to hear she has found her loving new forever home.

As you can see Yogi is extremely happy to have a little sister!

Posted on November 26, 2015
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