Happy Endings

At Rain Rescue when we rehome our dogs and cats we aim to match make and find the right pet for the right owner and vice versa. Here are just some of the wonderful happy endings stories for our animals and their new owners. By adopting a Rain Rescue animal you not only save the life of the animal you take home but the one who is able to take its place here at our centre.


One of our most well remember rescues was a little dog called Yogi.  Yogi was found living in a rabbit hutch. He was rescued from that life but then found himself facing being euthanised in the dog pound due to his horrific state, labelled as a no hoper. Literally minutes from being euthanised he was spotted by Steve as he was there saving more dogs. He wasn’t actually sure if he was a dog, cat or rabbit all he saw was a big ball of long matted fur. Totally shut down and unresponsive he brought him back to Rain Rescue, he was clipped off and there really was a little dog under all that fur. It took months to rehabilitate Yogi but eventually he started to wag his tail and rather unintentionally he ended up very bonded with his rescuer Steve. When it came to Yogi being at this full health and at a point where he would be ready for adoption there was just no way Steve and Jacquie could let Yogi go, he was already part of the family. He was duly adopted and is now a Rain Rescue mascot.



Presley arrived at the centre when a lady who had moved into her new house discovered there was a cat left behind, the sad thing was the house she had moved into had been empty for years. Presley had been living on scraps from a nearby farm and was dripping wet through from being outside in the garden in heavy storms. Here is Presley now in his new loving home, sleeping off a hard days work exploring the new garden.



Jasmine was saved by Rain Rescue from the stray kennels. She was a young girl and a trembling wreck when she arrived. With love, patience and lots and lots of treats we eventually won her over. However it was revealed that Jasmine was in fact heavily pregnant after wandering the street unspayed. The sad thing being she was only a baby herself. Her fantastic new owners helped her through her pregnancy and nursing her pups. All the pups have now gone to their new homes and Jasmine is now free to enjoy life as it should be, care free and loved. Here she is cuddled up having an afternoon snooze with her big brother.



Pixie is another young girl who arrived frightened and hiding in the back of her kennel. She too was saved from the pound. It took Pixie some weeks to get used to the rescue centre routine but all the time she showed glimpses of being the most adorable dog that was going to make someone the fabulous companion. Here she is with her new mum Paige who has this to say about their lives together just a few weeks after being adopted.

”Bear is doing fantastic and is now the ruler of the roost!  She’s slowly being released on the lead and coming back very promptly. She’s learnt how to do both paws. We are completely and utterly in love with her and she’s really starting to show her playful side. Her personality is growing everyday. She LOVES to kick Matthew out of bed in a morning and cuddle up to me! We’ve found that she doesn’t like to get her paws muddy and will actively dodge any and all puddles in her path even if it means we get dragged through them instead haha! We couldn’t imagine life without her now. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”



Tia was another stray saved by Rain Rescue. A Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is now breaking all the stigmas of her breed. She can often be found out in the peaks trekking up and down hills and enjoying a good run through the rivers of Sheffield. Here she is halfway up Mount Snowden!



Holly and Albert both arrived into our care as strays, two years apart. Julie their wonderful mum firstly adopted Holly and fell in love with the Staffordshire breed. When she saw Albert she knew he was the one to keep her and Holly company. This wonderful trio can often be seen taking in the scenery in local country parks. Julie also went on to raise over £350 for Rain Rescue with a sponsored climb and abseil over the o2 arena in London!



Blossom was too another saved from the stray kennels. This gorgeous black pug had been used for breeding to produce puppies over and over and over, then thrown away when she was no longer of use. We received over 80 applications to adopt her, but one home stood out from the rest and she was whisked off to live with her pug sister! Here they are two years after she was adopted – loving life.



Here is Henry, this sweet boy came into our care when his owner could sadly no longer care for him. He was a sweet boy but quite shy. All that changed when he met his new family and here he is all settled in his new home.



Theo arrived with Rain Rescue just as many other cats do, we thought he’s a handsome lad we are sure a home will come along, sadly Theo waited and waited and waited as during his health checks it was revealed he needed daily meds for Thyroidism. He waited in foster homes for over 6 months trying to find a home to call his own. Theo was spotted by Amy, who was looking for a cat to bring into her heart and home. Amy adopted Theo and says ”Very lucky me all the people that overlooked him I can assure you that you missed out on a very special boy and I can’t thank you enough that he was overlooked and was adopted to me.” Some things are just meant to be. Sadly Theo passed away in 2017, however Amy continues to get her cat fix by volunteering with us in our cattery. We are so grateful to her for the love she gave to Theo and continues to give our cats here.