Heartbroken to Loose our 3 legged Charlie

Charlie was a brindle staffy that I saw in a dog pound not long after I had started to help poundies.  He was one of the dogs that really made me cry.

I was in a dog pound on a freezing day  it was wet and so cold.  As I walked along the path with lots of barking and screaming dogs I noticed 2 dogs that really needed help.  One of them was Charlie.  His leg, taped up with dirty plasters – and swinging loosely in front.  He was grinning from ear to ear.  Smiling up at me with that staffy smile that always pulls at my heart strings.  I bought Charlie out of the pound and took him home.  Strange that the day we loose little Charlie, the following day we find out that Oliver has to loose his front leg too – just a brindle staffy – but with a big character too.

I found out that he had been run over previously and held at the PDSA over the weekend on pain relief because they won’t treat dogs without owners.  The pound took him in, had had him to their vets and they were hoping the wound would heal.  Err nope.

We took him to our vets who immediately said the leg needed to come off.  A friend was visiting at the time and offered to help me with the rescue work, I asked if she would look after Charlie throughout his operation.  She agreed.

Charlie went onto be her best friend.  Through thick and thin they went through many changes in life and Charlie – naughty though he sometimes was, was her rock.

Just a brindle staffy they say – but those brindle staffy’s have hearts of gold and Charlie was gold right through.

She phoned me crying yesterday to say that he had lost a bad battle with cancer, and she had had to say goodnight to him – absolutely devastated at loosing her best mate.

Anyone who knew him – knew they had met him.  He was one great big character.

Night Night you staffy Ambassador, go chasing rabbits in the sky


7th January 2013

Posted on January 8, 2013
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