Honey – Nobody’s Dog


Saved by RAIN, the importance of microchip registrationhoney honey1
Just one year ago. Honey was in a stray dog pound awaiting being killed. She was to be killed as her microchip wasn’t registered by the vet who implanted it. By the owner or even by the chip company.
She was thought to be an imported dog and needed to go into quarantine. Nobody would pay the bill. She had done her 7 days. She was ‘Nobody’s Dog’.
Rain rescue were asked to help her as she was such a nice friendly dog and thankfully as we have good supporters and we do fundraising. We had funds to help. We said we would save her life
Months in our care and then she went into the SKY1 program ‘dogs might fly’ and loved the attention and training that she received
One of the trainers helped her find a great new home once her filming was complete and now she spends her time in a home loved by all her family and spends her days on the beach in Wales.
From death row to life on the beach. In just a few months. With lots of hard work and lots of bills along the way. Rain Magic Dust at its best.
All thanks to YOU. Our donors and supporters. Pat yourself on the back. For saving Honey
As always text DOGS26 £2 to 70070. Be part of her life
Thank you.

Posted on April 15, 2016
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