Foster A Cat

We rely on fosterers to provide temporary homes for the animals in our care until they find their forever home. We need reliable, caring people to help us provide this for the dogs and cats that need it most.

Could you foster a cat?

We need more people willing to open up their homes to dogs and cats looking for a fresh start in life. When you foster a cat you’ll be freeing up space in our centres so that we can rescue more animals in desperate need.

All our fosterers must be local to our vets in Rotherham or able to easily drive there for appointments as well as able to attend viewings here at our centre in Wickersley with potential adopters.

We prefer our foster homes to have no more than 2 other pets in the home, this is to ensure there is minimal stress involved for our cats and your resident pets.

Fosterers must be able to let the cat move on when the time right, whether that be to their forever home or sometimes to other rehoming centres that we work in partnership with.

Benefits to animals …

Animal fostering is an important role. It helps to play a vital part in the rehabilitation of animals and helps improve their chance of finding a new home.

Many animals that we take in have either suffered or are not used to the care and affection that they deserved. Living with a foster family helps to provide them with one-to-one care. Allowing them to build up their confidence and get used to a normal lifestyle.

Other animals don’t cope well in an animal centre environment. This is where we need people to take them in to provide them with a real home, even if it is only on a temporary basis.

What fostering means for you and your family …

Fostering animals can be a pleasurable experience. It’s rewarding to know that you played a key part in the rehoming process when a foster animal is successfully rehomed. It also gives people who would normally be unable to take in an animal long term due to other commitments, with an alternative.

However we must also warn anyone considering fostering that it is not always easy. We need people with tremendous patience who are really motivated to getting the animals right and into good homes. Fosterers must able to love the animal but then also let it go when the right home comes along.

Fosterers need to be aware of the many tasks they will undertake. Animals in our care may have a wide variety of medical or behavioural needs. All fosterers must be able to take the animal to and from a designated vets as well as providing transport to and from the centre when needed. We cannot provide any transport or cover any fuel costs.

Sometimes the cat may not be litter trained or have other bad habits from their past. Many rescue cats have baggage and may have suffered trauma before arriving with us which is why it is essential fosterers have a lot of patience. Fosterers must be able to deal with this is an appropriate manner by providing training and guidance, not punishment. Please also consider cats may have upset digestive systems due to stress or illness. This isn’t all cats but this is of course a possibility, we cannot predict how a cat will be in a home environment, as the majority of our cats come in as strays where we get no history on them.

Fosterers must also understand all decisions in relation to the cats care are ultimately the responsibility of Rain Rescue.

Fosterers must also be happy for their telephone numbers to be given to potential adopters and be prepared to explain about the cat, then allow to their home to meet the cat. The fosterers often accompany the cat to their new home. Often they are able to offer advise to new owner after they are adopted as they will have gotten to know the cat well during the time they have spent in their home.

All of our fosterers tell us of the extreme happiness they feel when the cat they have grown to love goes off to a happy new home.

If you think you have what it takes to be a fosterer we would love to hear from you. Please fill in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch if we think you are a suitable fosterer for our animals. We regretfully cannot reply to all applications.

Cat Foster Application Form