DSC_8426MEET LIBBY. A sweet natured, gentle and loving female Lurcher very deserving of a forever home. Sometimes a dog comes into your care and touches your heart. This has to be Libby. She expects nothing from you apart from some love. She is placid, quiet in her bed, very affectionate but laid back. When she is up and ready for a walk, then she’s excited and that tail never stops wagging.

As anyone in rescue will know favourites are not allowed but here is one special girl in need of a home.


This pretty Lurcher is approx 7-8 years old and although a little grey around the Muzzle, still adores her walks.

She is friendly and gentle and gets on well with other dogs at the rescue. Lurcher experience is preferred and due to her breed she would be best kept on a lead as she may chase when off. She walks like a very well mannered and trained dog because she is a very polite lady when all said! She is exciteable and does a little dance when she knows it’s her turn for a walk and a fuss! Very sweet.

She will be looking for a home who can and will shower her with love, home comforts and a life of happiness and luxuries in her later years. Libby loves company, loves her walks and also loves her bed. When all around her are in competition for attention it’s easy to forget Libby is there as she is very well behaved and expects nothing from you. She is obedient and deserves a perfect home.




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Here is what her loving foster mum had to say about her.  She is fostered in Sheffield with a male and a female lurcher.

Libby settled in with us immediately.  Within the first five minutes she jumped up on the sofa and put her head on my daughter’s knee.  Since then they’ve been inseparable.

She’s such a lady; so gentle, calm and well-mannered.  At the moment she’s recovering from surgery (not that she sometimes acts like she is) and is underweight.  She’s building back up quickly though, enjoying grazing on food all through the day.

Libby has the most incredible ears.  One sticks up and the other doesn’t.  It just adds to her character.  She is the happiest dog ever; her tail never stops wagging.

She is going to make the most fantastic companion for her new owners.  She is sociable with other dogs and so easy to look after.  She loves nothing more than to be snuggled up next to you.

My daughter is only 11 and they’re best friends.  Just because of her size I’d say she may be better with children over 10 years old, but if the children were used to dogs maybe younger.

I can’t tell you how quickly we fell in love with this girl.  If you want a loyal, loving companion then take a look at Libby, she’s beautiful inside and out.

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Posted on March 20, 2014
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