Lilly – GSD lady around 7 yrs old



Once we knew that marshal’s mum and dad may take on Lilly we were so pleased.  After having her groom at Pets at Home this lovely girl looked brilliant and ready to meet her new family.

They came over to see us on Saturday and they all got on really well and this wonderful girl, having been at death’s door in the dog pound, filthy stinky full of kennel cough and facing very near being put to sleep because they were full and she was an old girl – has found absolute heaven for the rest of her days.  This is what rescue is all about.  Perfect.

Meet Lilly – what a quality dog thats had a bad life so far.

Thats now changed!!!

This wonderful lady has now left her sad past behind her – and is looking to a brighter future.  She’s so very affectionate – loves everyone she meets.

Probably happier as an only loved dog, but thats not to say she’s not good with other dogs – I think she just doesn’t want jumping on or messing with – probably having had all that before – she now wants a quiet life.

She’s a dream to walk, always by your side.

A true loyal loving girl with bags of life left in her and lots of love to give.

What a shame its been wasted so far in her life.  I think she’s around 7 years old and could probably live with cats.

This older girl now deserves a magic home for the rest of her days and some lucky person will get them selves one fantastic loving and loyal girl in return.


Posted on November 20, 2012
Categories: Adopted In 2012, News, Our Diary