Merlin – the Most Majestic Doberman



Merlin was abandoned in the dog pound and yet he never lost his genteel manner, nor his charismatic approach.

Merlin is a gentleman through and through – no matter what circumstances and situations he finds himself in.  This boy is a 1000% credit to any breed and yet he shows off just what a wonderful breed he is.

Merlin has a strange gait and did suffer from acute pain in his neck.  He is on medication both conventional and homeopathic for this which we would expect to continue into any home should the right one come along.  The vets don’t know what is causing the pain and so we are progressing more down the alternative route in the hope this will settle down.  A VERY special and honoured home is sought for Merlin.

IMG_7320 IMG_7321Around 5 years old, he has recently been castrated and was a pleasure once again at the vets.  He is mixing with males and female dogs here alike and only sometimes shows off if many dogs come in but odds are he would mix well into any home environment.

Merlin needs now to wear a harness and not a collar as the pain seemed to come from around his neck.  Whilst Wobblers has been mentioned we aren’t 100% sure that it is.   We are in no rush to find Merlin a new home.  He lives loose at the kennels sharing his bed with Bronte and tiny Yogi.  However he does need a home of his own, but it needs to be a very special one.

We adore this character boy.  He really does love to have people around with him though and can constantly bark if he feels left behind.

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Posted on March 26, 2014
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