Missy was picked up in a dog pound along with another little Jack Russel girl.   Missy had a huge lump in her tummy and thankfully Sue took her home and into live with her little dogs.Due to the vet treatment that missy is undergoing, we have decided to keep Missy on as one of our sponsor dogs. We will pay for Missy’s treatment and vet bills.

Meantime, Missy is out there fundraising, to pay for her treatment and operation but also to pay for other dogs in kennels, who are not as fortunate as little Missy.  If you see Missy whilst you are out – please say hi!!!

Donations can be made to Rain Rescue via our front page, to go towards Missy’s vet treatment.  Please send an email to us saying what your donation is for.

Posted on December 8, 2011
Categories: Sponsor Dogs