Mitzy – settled at last


Do you all remember little Mitzy?  A very sad life she had – her owners daughter was driving around with her in her car on a very hot day – with children and dogs, not knowing where she could go.  Not her fault – a family crisis had meant that Mitzy and Bobbin her sister had nowhere to go.  Bobbin was released here at RAIN as she really didn’t like being in a home environment – she doesn’t like cats much either – but at least she gets to wander in and out of our pens.

Mitzy on the other hand LOVES her humans and LOVES her brothers and sisters.  Here’s what her lovely mum has to say about her.  Enjoy…..

Mitzy arrived at Rain Rescue during a very busy time. She was being driven around by her owner looking for a place that would take her in.
My fiancé & I had contacted Rain to offer our services as foster parents for any kitty in need (we already have a few indoor kitties ranging from 14 years to babies) as ours are very accepting of newbies.
We were asked to have Mitzy. She came to us a very loving but quite scared lady, she chose our spare bedroom as her room & would sleep & have her meals in there but venture out to use the litter tray. She quickly took to us & within a few hours allowed me to start brushing the knots out of her fur. Over the next few days enough fur came out to make a new cat!!!
Mitzy was venturing into other rooms but wasn’t impressed with her feline housemates. Slowly she came around to them.
The day came when Mitzy had found her forever home. We were delighted but sad & would miss her. Our home just didn’t feel the same.
Unbeknown to us Mitzy had made up her own mind that she wanted to stay with us! Sadly she didn’t settle at her new home & after vets visits, tests done – nothing was found (she didn’t eat much, had runs, wouldn’t come out from hiding) the decision was made that she should come back into Rains care. We said we’d happily take her back & as soon as she arrived back with us, she jumped out of the cat carrier ran straight to her bed, then the food bowl, then demanded fuss! Everyone couldn’t believe it, she was back to the loving, adorable kitty that we knew & loved.
So, Mitzy lives here with us on long term foster with our other crazy kitties. She sleeps on our heads at night, purring away, cuddles up with the others, demands fuss, food, treats & a comfy lap to snuggle on to. She plays with the cat nip toys, has her own crazy mad hour then sits in the window in the sunniest spot shouting at the birds, people & other animals outside.
I’ve never known a cat make herself so at home so quickly. We love our Mitzy Moo!

Posted on March 5, 2016
Categories: News, Our Diary