Mooshu Gives Us All A Shock!


Imagine our shock today. Our Lovely Mooshu who was adopted recently, after being so poorly when she arrived with us who needed lots of TLC to get over her injuries and allergies was taken to the vets after her new mum became really worried by Mooshu’s swelling stomach. And the news she received was so shocking that both Rain Rescue and Mum Allison were left reeling … Mooshu is about to give birth.

How we asked … How? … This we can only presume is that Moo was already pregnant before she entered the shelter. On accepting Moo, we were told categorically that she was spayed. This is how we get let down, we trust desperate people. We had no reason to doubt the fact. Moo was so poorly, full of bites, fur missing, scrawny, a pitiful little cat, whose owner had died and left her behind and we were focused on making her well.

Of course we will be there to support Allison and Moo and find those kitties the best of homes. Watch this space for our new arrivals!
Moo you little monkey…….. You had us all fooled ….. She’s already found her birthing bed, and midwife Allison is on standby.
This is animal rescue, always expect the unexpected!

If you would like to donate towards the cost of Mooshu’s kittens care please CLICK HERE or text TRAP33 £1/2/5/10 TO 70070. Thank you!11069621_820044151382480_8497967085556221696_n

Posted on March 16, 2015
Categories: News, Our Cats