SCARLET – A Pretty, middle aged happy lady finds a fabulous home!

DSC_7814Scarlett has now gone to a fabulous new home

Hello friends and potential adopters my name is Scarlet and I am about to try and find my new home with someone who can truly love me and appreciate me for the lovely natured girl I am. I only arrived at Rain Rescue today from the stray kennels but I am so positive that my new home is just around that corner. I think this is because I know I am such a loyal and obedient girl. I am very friendly towards people and other dogs and I am generally just a happy polite lady despite finding myself lonely and a little unloved and bewildered of late. I’m approximately 6 years old now so I don’t want too much of a busy busy lifestyle, just a steady one. I am a calm yet fussy lady you see who enjoys her walks with a lifestyle of comforts and luxuries too. Please don’t think of me as high maintenance, just more of a lady who deserves a special home this time with a better class of pampering! Although I am just about to settle into Rain Rescue over the next few days I will be looking for a special someone very very soon.

Life really is too short to be worrying about trivial things! Basil, Spencer and of course me Scarlet are very lucky dogs and we are overjoyed to feel safe now at Rain Rescue. We know that Rain try their best to help dogs like us at the stray kennels and it fills us with hope for all the other dogs that they keep going back time and time again!


I am a sweet girl and I can guarantee to bring a smile to a face and some joy to a heart to anyone that needs a friend. All you lonely people who would love a companion then please consider me to be your special friend. I am extremely pretty too and it’s been said recently that I do look a little bit like a King Charles Spaniel Cross but obviously all one colour. It’s a comparison not to be frowned upon I think! I will be waiting to meet all you people who I imagine have fallen in love with me already. Wait until you see my new pics coming very soon. Watch my updates at Rain Rescue.






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