Leon and June – Elderly Love


Well here we are – and aren’t we just the sweetest.

They say that as yet we aren’t really that ready to go to our new homes, because our June here has still got that terrible cough. BUT we are sure looking for you all to find us please because we won’t be long and we are desperate to be in our new homes.

We haven’t had the best of lives our June and I.  We have managed to get through it and ended up at the point of being thrown away and almost could have been put to sleep if RAIN rescue hadn’t come and saved us.  Our teeth aren’t the best, but RAIN rescue will pay for all that treatment to be done once we are both well enough, but we are toughies, and we will get through this.

Now, let me tell you – we are a lovely little pair of dogs.  We are no trouble at all, as long as we can carry on living together, we will give you big waggy tails and licks whenever we can.

So, if you think you have a hole in your heart, and a seat by the fire for 2 lovely little oldies like us – please fill in that REHOME ME form on our right hand side, and tell these people here, you are the one for us.

Today little June and Leon had to go to the vets. June was behaving very strange when she ate and drank and was clearly in a lot of pain. The vet opened her mouth to which two back teeth were no longer attached and fell onto the table. He also removed some plaque which was also causing problems. Leon is in a better state with his health however is under weight and has a cough. They are both recovering on anti biotics but just look at the difference two dogs in little pain makes…. Both tucking into their tea.

All animals in Rain Rescue care are

    Vaccinated, microchipped, flead, wormed and neutered

    Examined by a vet and treated according to their instructions

    Assessed by an experienced member of our team to determine what type of training and education they need

    Assessed to help match them with their right new home and owner

    Re-homed with 4 weeks free insurance from Petplan

    Option to take Petplan Covered 4 Life policy (depending on Petplan criteria even for older dogs)