After a short time in her foster home, and going into be spayed this week, we have found a lovely new home for this gorgeous girl.


Misty is in a foster home in Sheffield living with a family and a male and female dog.  Here’s what her foster mum has to say.

“Misty came into our foster care a few days ago.  Wow she is beautiful.  Inside and out.  And that’s before you get to her one ice-blue eye and one chocolate brown eye.

She is about 12 months old and is one playful and bubbly puppy.  She loves playing with balls, pull toys, and likes nothing more than to have a bone or hoof to be crunching on.
She is a powerful girl already so new owners would be ideal if they’d had experience of larger dogs.  Having said that she is very well trained.  She sits and gives paw on command.  She’s a delight to walk on her lead on roads and stops and sits at kerbs.  On grass, however, she’d dearly love to be able to go for a run and wander (but for insurance purposes I can’t let her off the lead).  She is absolutely fine with car travel, and walking in busy traffic doesn’t phase her at all.
This is one loyal girl.  I think she would fit best in a house as either the only dog or perhaps with a neutered male to play with.  She wants loads of love and cuddles and is a bundle of energy.  Whatever room you’re in, there she’ll be laid quietly just away from you.  If you wanted to teach tricks she would be only too pleased to learn and play.
Young children may not be suitable for Misty as she bounds about around a lot.  Older children who are used to dogs and will play, but not torment, should be absolutely fine.  Misty will need at least one good run a day, preferably two. She would prefer not to be left, although I’m sure she would be fine for short periods particularly if she had a companion dog.
Misty will need regular grooming as her coat is incredibly thick, but she is very happy to have a bath, be dried with a hair-dryer, and loves being brushed.  She really is a joy to have.
Misty’s forever family are going to be one lucky family.  This girl is simply wonderful.
If you think this dog is the right match for you, or you want to find out how to adopt a dog from Rain Rescue?  Please read Rain Rescue Rehoming Process and then complete the Home Finder Form if you think we have a dog suitable for you and you have a home suitable for one of our dogs.  We look forward to finding that match with you.

Misty will be rehomed on our Premium rehoming package and have a rehoming fee of £180

All animals in Rain Rescue care are

    Vaccinated, microchipped, flead, wormed and neutered

    Examined by a vet and treated according to their instructions

    Assessed by an experienced member of our team to determine what type of training and education they need

    Assessed to help match them with their right new home and owner

    Re-homed with 4 weeks free insurance from Petplan

    Option to take Petplan Covered 4 Life policy (depending on Petplan criteria even for older dogs)