This wonderful little girl who is so special, has now found her new home.  Thank you to Molly her wonderful vet who saved her life.  No doubt more photos will come along soon for her.  What a wonderful time she will now have in this safe hands.

I’m sure you will get to see more progress as she continues to improve.


Though these photos are initially horrendous, they do at least show you that the little girl is now free from pain and will have a time of happiness after probably years of hell.

The severe neglect that this little dog has experienced is un comprehendible.

Peggy was put in a box labelled ‘dog inside’ and left outside Highfields Vets in Sheffield.  One of the vets there Molly just adores older dogs and has rehomed a few very senior ladies from Rain Rescue before.  Molly thought little Peggy would have to be put to sleep she was in such pain and horrendous condition.  However, she saw hope in her little body and thought it was worth a try to save her and give her a new life.

Here is the write up for Peggy from Molly the lovely vet that has helped her find peace

This is Peggy. She was dumped over the railings into our back yard at Highfield Veterinary Centre between Sunday afternoon 27th April and the following Monday morning. The nurses hearts sunk when they found the small box labelled ‘dog inside, found on field behind sorting office.’  The smell on opening the box was putrid. We gave her the strongest pain relief possible then examined her.  She was emaciated and mostly bald with severe matting to the lower legs and tail area and very soft claws indicating she had been standing in her own mess for months. Her teeth were black, stinking with infection and loose. The most appalling sight was her eyes. Matted fur had prevented the infected eyelids from closing, causing dry eyes and infection. Further mats were stuck to the surface of her eyes which must have been blind and extremely painful for some months judging by the thickness of scar tissue on the cornea. Even our ophthalmologist could do nothing to save her eyes.  

The nurses gave her some food and love whilst blood tests were running. She ate with gusto and thankfully her blood test results were fine, impressive for a senior dog! Her fighting spirit made us want to give her a chance so she had a bed bath, the worst mats removed, antibiotics, pain relief and lots of food for 2 days.  She was then strong enough for 2 hours of surgery to remove both her painful eyes, 32 painful teeth (leaving her with 10) and all her mats. She recovered well and I took her home that evening.

It has been so lovely to see her come out of her shell over the last 10 days. She eats pretty much anything for her 6 meals per day, including normal dry complete dog food, and is fast approaching normal weight. New shiny fur is growing well which should be full length in 3 months or so. The best bit is watching her character come through. She is very inquisitive, potters around at home and is learning where walls and doors are!  She likes a good stretch and a scratch.  She is sociable, loves to sit on mine or my husbands’ lap or next to us and enjoys digging around on our bed to get the most comfy spot.  She scent marks and toilets outside and will make an all round excellent companion for some lucky person, with no small children to bother her (like my toddler son Fred!).

Thankfully the RSPCA are investigating this case so any information regarding the crime should be directed to inspector Jennie Ronksley on 0300 1238018. It’s the worst case of neglect I have ever seen in my career, so I hope the perpetrator is brought to justice.  Peggy has a good retirement ahead of her once she finds the right permanent home.

Thanks for being someone to turn to for help Rain Rescue, you are ace! :)


Peggy had to have both her eyes removed, but now she has – the pain is going and she’s recovering well.

Peggy is now ready to find her new home, where she will be loved and cuddled and adored for the rest of her days.  She may not last very long but the home has to be super duper for that time.

Peggy reminded us of our little YOGI – it could be his sister and I wonder if he lived in a home just like Peggy did.


All animals in Rain Rescue care are

    Vaccinated, microchipped, flead, wormed and neutered

    Examined by a vet and treated according to their instructions

    Assessed by an experienced member of our team to determine what type of training and education they need

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