Shelley – Pretty Lurcher Youngster


Whoever takes this girl home will be very lucky indeed!

Shelley’s fosterer says :

The Rain Rescue eebsite says about Shelley – “Whoever takes this girl home will be very lucky indeed!” That is soooo true!

Shelley is a young girl who, since arriving at Rain Rescue, is experiencing a good life maybe for the first time ever. And my goodness she is making the very most of it! She approaches everything at top speed, with 100% enthusiasm, always with a big smile on her face.

Yes – she is a thief and pokes her nose into everything. Yes – she is a clumsy clot. Yes – she’s naughty sometimes. And yes – she is downright cheeky – all the time! BUT WHAT PUP ISN’T?

Shelley has probably never had rules before and her zest for life means that she finds them a little inconvenient at times, but she is learning, and she’s learning very quickly too. In a stable loving home, I’m sure she’d come on in leaps and bounds…… literally! Shelley has learnt that jumping up gets nothing but sitting nicely might result in cuddles, play time, or, you never know – a tasty treat YUM! She loves her food which is great for training.
She lives happily with my 2 male dogs and especially loves playtime with my lurcher Cody. She will share everything nicely – toys / beds / food / cuddles. She loves dogs so much that it would be good if she was rehomed with one. However, her play is VERY rough so a dog that would gently tell her when she’s gone too far would be good.

On walks we haven’t found a dog that she hasn’t liked. She is very confident with dogs and will approach at full speed, and even though her tail is a blur of waggly friendliness she can still be a bit intimidating, especially to smaller dogs. Shelley is very strong on the lead but will happily wear a Dogmatic or Halti.

Shelley is not always confident around people. She loves my daughter and teenage sons but is very wary of my husband. In the park if anyone (male or female) approaches her quickly she will try to jump away from them. However, once they have passed she likes to sneak up behind for a sniff. She wants to be friends but is sometimes just a little bit too frightened. She has occasionally barked at people that have frightened her but has never shown any aggression, she would rather just get out of the way as quickly as possible.

Shelley loves the paddling pool in our garden, especially putting her nostrils under the water and blowing bubbles, something which she also does in muddy puddles in the park! She also likes a good run around with a football and can entertain herself like this for ages. Indoors, she loves the doggie toy box. She rummages through it playing with each toy in turn before getting bored and moving on to the next. Toys are a must for Shelley…. Left with nothing to do she will turn her attention to shoes, furniture or anything she shouldn’t have!

All this makes Shelley sound hyperactive BUT she also likes a really good sleep. Once she’s had a walk or a good play or a little training session she is happy to take herself off to the sofa for a well earnt nap. She is crate trained and putting her in a crate is like flicking her ‘OFF’ button – she immediately lays down for a sleep!

She is also very, very cuddly. Her first job in the morning is to make sure we’ve had a very thorough cuddle session. She can sometimes be a bit mouthy whilst cuddling (in a puppy like way) so having a toy on hand to redirect her teeth onto is a good idea.

Shelley had a couple of accidents when she first arrived but she now knows that she has regular access to the garden and that that is where she does her ‘business’.

Due to Shelley’s exuberance and clumsiness I don’t think she is a candidate for living with small children, small dogs or cats. A similar sized male dog who is happy to share his toys and sofa with her would be Shelley’s ideal companion.

Shelley is a beautiful dainty looking girl who has a massive character. She bowls over everyone and everything in her path with her sheer enjoyment of life. I think she’s fabulous now but in the right home I think she’ll mature into an even more wonderful dog.


GOOD WITH DOGS – Yes, Shelley has been great with the other dogs she has met here. She would benefit living from a nice male.


GOOD WITH CHILDREN – Due to Shelley needing further training we would prefer a home with teenage children +

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