Stanley – Looking For That Great Home REHOMED


Hi my name is Stanley, and I am living in a foster home in Sheffield.  I am great out walking and mixing with other dogs. Here is what my foster dad says about me and he so wants me to find a new home where I am settled for life.

”I met Stanley at Rain Rescue a few weeks ago. He walked well, but was always distressed in the kennel environment. As the weeks went by, he eventually went quiet, as though he had just given up. It was at this time I stepped in to foster him. At first, he was very subdued, but over a period of a couple of weeks, he started to show his true personality. Stanley loves human company. He will happily sit with you on the settee and watch television. It’s not just me either, my parents, brother and nieces have all had a bit of Staffie love from Stanley.”


He also loves to play. He loves tennis balls, especially cheap ones which pop easily. He will then sit for a good hour shredding it into tiny pieces. He doesn’t eat the pieces, but flings them to one side. His current favourites are squeaky rubber pigs. He carries one around like the cat who got the cream, then he licks it to death, followed by a full dissection.

Only strong toys will beat Stanley. He loves the Kong rubber toy into which you put treats. He uses a combination of licking a biting to get the prize.Stanley is always ready for a walk. He is quite excitable preparing to go out, but once out, he settles into a perfect companion. He shows only a passing interest to other dogs and people.  On return, he is happy to have his feet wiped before returning into the house.

When taking Stanley out for walk using the car, he is happy to be strapped in the back by a seatbelt leash. He doesn’t whine/bark or grizzle at all in the car and isn’t car sick.

I have only had the need to bath Staley once, and even then, he was placid. He stood in the bath and let us get on with the work.

As far as food goes, he likes it ! However, he doesn’t growl if approached or his food removed. When taking treats he will sit on command and give a paw. He is very gentle taking food and never snaps or snatches.

When people are eating, Stanley will show an interest, but does not beg or whine. He does appreciate any leftovers if there are any going though.
I used a webcam to see what Stanley got up to when I went out. I have been out for up to 4 hours at a time. It turns out he sleeps on his blanket most of the time, with the odd trip for a drink or food. I was relieved that he was not pining as he does love people.     One thing that did surprise me is that Stanley has not chewed anything. No furniture, no remotes, nothing!

Stanley is intelligent and full of fun. I am sure he will have a positive impact on the life  of one lucky owner !

This dog receives our PREMIUM Re-homing Package and has a rehoming fee of £180.00.

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All animals in Rain Rescue care are

    Vaccinated, microchipped, flead, wormed and neutered

    Examined by a vet and treated according to their instructions

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    Re-homed with 4 weeks free insurance from Petplan

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