Theo – Cutest loving guy cat


About Me

  • My name is Theodore, though I’m known as Theo for short.  I’m a sophisticated gentleman and after a long time loving home of my own now please?
  • I am happy being able to come inside and outside and can use a cat flap.  I don’t wander far from home, and spend a lot of time indoors.
  • I am living in a foster home in Sheffield with 2 other cats, but one doesn’t get on well with me. My foster dad loves me to bits but knows I need to find my own loving home.

group-of-hearts-clipart-black-and-white-clip-art-black-and-white-heart     YOUNG AT HEART – I may be middle aged but I am full of life and have lots of love to give.  The highlight of my day is when you come and give me a cuddle.

Unknown    MEDICAL NEEDS – I do have an underactive thyroid but its easily managed with a few blood tests at the vets each year, and 1 table a day that I willingly take to keep me healthy.  Please call 07725888207 to chat about me.

a7beff71abc8e1e1afe2e05280858d32    REHOMING PACKAGE - I come with a Special Rehoming Package and have a rehoming fee of £50.

Theo easily taking his tablets like a good boy


Prrrrrrrrrring Theo

Check out the Gorgeous Theo here ….

Cats on medication, any fee can be discussed to allow you to take on such a special cat.

Thanks to Cat Protection – here is some GREAT advice

Download the Cat Protection Leaflet ”Caring for your cat“ here

Dogs and cats do get on. Kittens may be easier to introduce a dog to but adult cats that have come from homes with dogs (or laid back strays that we have in our care) can equally be re homed with dogs that are feline friendly. So much depends on the breed and age of the dog, which is often why we make a point to ask. Sometimes it is easier to introduce a cat to a dog then it is with a cat to a resident cat. For more information about how to introduce a new feline into your home with resident dogs or/and cats check out the articles under behaviour on the International Cat Care website

Finally neutering. The many problems caused by unspayed or unneutered pets each year are part of what has prompted numerous rescue societies to require that any adopted animals be promptly spayed or neutered as a condition of adoption.  It really is very simple, by getting your cat neutered when it reaches the appropriate age you save the “lives” of many other puss cats out there, and any true animal lover would surely wish that.

Thanks to Cat Protection – here is some GREAT advice Download the Cat Protection Leaflet ”Caring for your cat“ here

All animals in Rain Rescue care are

    Vaccinated, microchipped, flead, wormed and neutered

    Examined by a vet and treated according to their instructions

    Assessed by an experienced member of our team to determine what type of training and education they need

    Assessed to help match them with their right new home and owner

    Re-homed with 4 weeks free insurance from Petplan

    Option to take Petplan Covered 4 Life policy (depending on Petplan criteria even for older dogs)