Meet Thumper an adorable 12 week old puppy who has found himself looking for a new home.  A mischievous little man who would be happy as an only dog with a lovely family that will spend time training him or would be fine with nice natured, but tolerant neutered female who will be able to both play with him a little and also who can show him the training rules how to behave.

Thumper, being a baby shouldn’t be left whilst people are out at work all day.  A ‘pop home at lunch time’ isn’t fair on a young puppy. He needs all the hands on training and socialisation to grow up into well rounded adult dog.

Things to consider when getting a puppy :

- They take lots of time. Puppies need time spent with them both for training and socialisation purposes. This includes toilet training, lead walking and how to interact with humans, dogs and other animals.

- They are very delicate – can’t go out walking until all vaccinations are in place, they will pick up and eat any objects lying around on the floor, they will chew slippers and remote controls, and children toys, they will wee and poop with little accidents, and you need to be taking them out of the door regularly especially after meals to help them understand your rules.

- They cost money. Although all that Thumper needs initially is included in his adoption package, the ongoing costs of responsible dog ownership needs to be considered ; insurance / vet fees, a good quality diet, regular flea and worming treatments, training classes, grooming,

Thumper has an adoption fee of £300, included in this is his health check, vaccinations, microchipping, neutering, flea and worming treatments, collar, lead, Red Dingo ID Tag and 4 weeks free Pet Plan insurance.

All animals in Rain Rescue care are

    Vaccinated, microchipped, flead, wormed and neutered

    Examined by a vet and treated according to their instructions

    Assessed by an experienced member of our team to determine what type of training and education they need

    Assessed to help match them with their right new home and owner

    Re-homed with 4 weeks free insurance from Petplan

    Option to take Petplan Covered 4 Life policy (depending on Petplan criteria even for older dogs)