Poor Thomas the cat

Thomas, collapsed down by the side of Meadowhall.   Sore eyes, falling all over and emaciated. We had a phone call as he kept collapsing.
We were bursting full, but shuffled round, we couldn’t leave an old guy out in the sun as he was.
Off to the vets he went, to have him blood tested for FIV and castrated and his teeth checked over because roaming cats usually have rotten teeth.
He got the all clear, two snips later and bless him he has only got 4 teeth in his mouth.
He is so so so sweet.  Loves a cuddle and a clean.  He used to wear a collar that’s worn his hair down.
Does anyone recognise him?  Is he someones cat and they have lost him?
Does anyone have a nice cuddly home awaiting for a giant friendly older boy who loves strokes and cuddles and doesn’t ask for very much.
email info@rainrescuecats.org.uk   if you can

Posted on July 28, 2013
Categories: News, Our Diary, Previously Adopted