Prayers For Madge


How amazing are these photos from Madge’s day out at the seaside? Foster mum Nikki was determined to make sure that today was a happy day full of wonderful memories for Madge who tomorrow faces more tests to find out exactly what is going off with the mass of tumours she has. As you go to bed tonight please give a positive thought or a prayer and a little wish for her too. We have to hope there will be many more trips to the seaside ahead …

Madge is just at the vets as we write this. Foster mum Nikki is waiting anxiously to find out whats the outcome of her tests. Madge has had to go under anaestic for this mornings tests as they are pretty extensive so we can get to the bottom of her tumours.

We hate to ask but paying for tests like this aren’t cheap. If you can help towards Madge’s bills please text ‘DOGS26 £1/2/5/10′ to 70070 or visit thank you. We will let you know the outcome as soon as we hear. Please keep her in your thoughts.

Posted on June 19, 2015
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