Remember Barney Rubble?


DO YOU ALL REMEMBER BARNEY RUBBLE? This gorgeous friendly boy who had fears of men with bears? We only found it out when his dad wanted to adopt him. Barney was terrified of him when he first met him. His dad gently and quietly built up his trust and made him realise that people don’t have to be scary and that if he would let him, he would have a friend for life.
That was just over a month ago. Now, Barney never leaves his dad’s side and has travelled all over the country with him – What a wonderful happy ending to a terrible start.
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Barney, stories like this show us – we know why we do what we do. Have a great life.

Rain Rescue are happy to have been there to save your life.


Posted on March 26, 2014
Categories: Adopted in 2014, News