Neuter Your Cat Appeal – Rotherham : Reduced Cost Neutering



People of South Yorkshire, we need you to read this, share it and take action.

We have a cat problem. In the last 12 months we have taken in, cared for and found loving new homes for 327 cats and kittens. Over 150 of these were mum cats or kittens abandoned on the streets or from owners who could no longer care for them. These statistics are heartbreaking when you look past the numbers each is an animal that has suffered, many of the mum cats we get into our care are still kittens themselves (they can mate from 4 months old!), or on the other end of the scale is the female who has been left to have litter after litter after litter.

This is our cattery right now … bursting at the seams without a single pen free, people think its cute, its not, its a maternity wing filled with homeless cats, unwanted, and abandoned. It’s the saddest site to see, and our waiting list grows and grows each day …

Our message is simple. Please neuter your cats. It does not matter if male or female, they need to be done. There are huge benefits to neutering too : The cat will be less likely to wander, stray, call (if female), spray (if male). The chance of contracting some infectious cat diseases will be reduced, as will the likelihood of developing mammary tumours (breast cancers), pyometra (life threatening womb infections), testicular cancer, and many other illnesses. Male cats in particular will improve in physical body condition and their urine will smell less pungent!*

There are many schemes out there to help with reduced cost (sometimes FREE) neutering:

Cats Protection Neutering :…/neuter…/current-neutering-campaigns

PDSA :…/neutering-your-pet


If you live in the Rotherham area and need help with the cost of neutering your cat please contact us

Posted on July 23, 2017
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