The Sadness Of Shirley The Staffie


In my time here at RAIN I have seen some stressed dogs but Shirley has to be one of the most heartbreaking to date. She has spent the last two days despite our best efforts quite literally going out of her mind. She has had a rough few weeks for sure, clearly not long ago having had pups, suffering a terrible flea allergy, found herself in the stray kennels and now moved again to us. No wonder she is stressed. Shirley has paced in her kennel so much that her paws are now bleeding.

This photo shows her after I took her out of her kennel to the office and laid blankets down to cushion her feet. I sat on the floor with her for around 20 minutes giving her small strokes to try and calm her breathing. She began to calm a little and gradually her head sank lower, literally within seconds of her head laying on the floor her eyes closed and the relief hit her. SLEEP. Something she probably hasn’t had in a long time. My eyes are filled with happy tears as I am now sat listening to her staffie snores. The best sound ever.


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Posted on March 30, 2016
Categories: Our Diary, Our Dogs
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