Sally – Old lady – desperate for her own home

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Sally had a visit from her new mum today, and after her 2nd vet check on Tuesday, will be going to her new home all being well.
This lovely girl – so stressed and so upset in kennels, has been a star – her foster mum and dad love her to bits already.
Now they have done their job, repaired her and she’s ready for her new home.
Sally – Rain Rescue – happy to have saved your life
Hi – I’m Sally and I’m looking for a new home – I’m an older girl you see – and old girls like us shouldn’t have to be in kennels like this.
I haven’t had a really good life – and I so want to be in a loving home with nice warm cuddles and lots of affection.  I am brilliant to walk on the lead – and great out walking with other dogs.  I’m not keen on dominant other dogs and would probably live with a nice placed older male who didn’t bother with me  but really I would prefer to be your only precious darling.
So, what are you waiting for – fill in that pre adoption form below and give Rain a line – I don’t want to have to spend another night in these cold kennels, even though Rain are paying for me to have a heat lamp on for 12 hours a day – its still cold for an old girl like me.
I so hope I’m not waiting her for long – I’m in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.
ps Rain would consider a short term foster home for me too as long as it was local to Rotherham, you can drive me to their local vets for any treatment and I will either be the only dog or with a nice friendly male)
Sally xxx
View from out walkin Sally:

A very bright a bonny girl for her age and she gains lots of admirers when out for her walks, especially with her coat on. She happily trots along with you when out and about and is lovely  to walk, she doesn’t pull at all.  She doesn’t seem to like traffic very much and prefers to walk on the inside and away from it if possible but she does gain confidence after a little while.

She’s a very affectionate little dog and she loves a pat and a stroke every so often when out walking. We didn’t come across any other dogs on our recent walk but Sally seems quite calm generally and just needs a little reassurance every once in a while.


Posted on October 26, 2012
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