Sore Snowbo

PLEASE HELP US WITH ANY CASH DONATIONS TO PAY FOR vet treatment, to help dogs like SNOWBO. She was seen in a dog pound in the cold of winter. When we heard that there was a semi bald Bull Terrier in a local pound, we couldn’t leave her there. The pound owner said she was such a sweetheart, she didn’t deserve to be put to sleep – but who would take her on out of the pound with that sore skin? Would we help? We went over and collected her, and started some treatment.

We are grateful to Marley’s mum and dad (I’m sorry I’ve lost your email and company name) – who runs a wholesale herbalist company. She donated a load of things for us, and we are gradually working our way through them. Eventually Snow’s skin is settling down though. Its thanks to the generosity of people like you who help us to be here for the next dog, like Snowbo, that we hear of needing our help, with nobody else to turn to.

This is Snowbo when we got her out of the pound. Initially we covered her in Sudocrem to just ease her burning skin. After a number of vet diagnosis and treatment – we started her on her course. I think its the herbal washes and Ecanachea thats working the most.

We can’t thank Kay, Mark, Chewie (her best friend), Mr. Dodger, Spot and Jack for welcoming their new sister into the fold to keep her nice and warm and giving her the love she so desperately needed.

Posted on November 3, 2011
Categories: Previously Adopted