Just a couple of weeks ago we asked you all to share our old boy Rocky far and wide and you did, he was seen online by more than 100,000 people and one of those people adopted him! You’re amazing!

Now we’d like to ask you to do the same for Max. Max is one of those dogs that is classed as ”hard to rehome”. What a terrible label for him to have when he’s such a sweetheart. Max has now been in rescue for a total of 258 days waiting for the right home to come along … Max was adopted in the middle but sadly it didn’t work out in circustances that were no ones fault.

So the brunt of it is Max needs a home with no children and no other dogs, he’s not a bad lad at all these things just stress him out. Max makes strong bonds with his humans but can be a bit shy on first meeting so needs someone who has patience to build up that relationship. It’s not hard … if you are willing to throw him a tennis ball, he’s all yours.

”Every morning I arrive at the centre and I park my car at the side of Max’s paddock where once i pop my head over and have a look because i know he’s already going to be waiting there, bouncing around with his tennis ball like the happiest dog you’ve ever seen. I shout him over give him a little fuss and throw him his ball, but then i have to leave him and it pulls on my gut as i see the disappointment in his eyes. I just wish someone would give him a chance.” – Lauren

Please share Max and give him a chance at a happy life, please its just a click that could change his life forever …


Posted on October 5, 2017
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