Special Appeal~for cash donations to help us pay for Tasha’s vet bill…



This is a fundraising appeal for help to pay for Tasha’s vet bill.


Tasha has now had her operation to fix her leg, she is recovering well bless her.

We have received a bill for £647.45 to pay for her vet treatment. Tasha was thrown out with the bathwater from her previous owner, because she had a damaged leg.


Sweet little Tasha – who we got out of a dog pound. Just a little dinky girl who never stopped smiling.

when she came to us, she would roll over and cower when people came near her begging not to be hurt, as she must have been many times before.

Tasha (then Tia) ended up in the dog pound, the owners registered a new puppy just a week later.

Tasha was suffering from a slipping patella, that caused her great discomfort and pain, during exercise and while out walking.


Rain rescue agreed to pay for Tasha’s vet treatment, afterall who would have adopted her knowing she needed an operation ??

Tasha is now free from pain, and is recovering well in her new home, she will be able to walk properly again once she has fully recovered.

Our charity is struggling financially……..and we need help to raise enough money to pay for her leg operation.

You can donate via Text to RAIN04 (£3/£5/£10/£25) to 70070. Payments are also accepted via pay pal and charity choice. Please send any postal donations to:  The Fundraiser, Rain Rescue, c/o Samson House, Samson Street, Sheffield S2 5QT


Thank you for helping us to help Tasha and other dogs like her.


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Thanks everyone and a big thankyou from Tasha Xx



Posted on May 1, 2012
Categories: Our Diary