Sprout – Bouncy 11 month old jack russel

2013-12-19 017

2013-12-19 017Hello my name is Sprout and I’m only a baby of eleven months, I am new here at Rain. Brought out of the pound when my time was up.

I am a typical jack and have high energy that will need lovely long walks to burn  off, and I couldn’t be left alone for very long, as I am only young so I would get bored and lonely. I have met some fabulous new friends here at Rain, both human and canine  I get along with them all,I also don’t mind them their cats; don’t think they appreciate my style of play as they all ran off; spoil sports, and that big blue one scratched me and made me cry,but thats ok I know can sometimes put my nose where its not wanted.Any way thats me for now

If you would be interested in giving me a home, and you could cope with a little fire cracker like me, or any of my friends


Here is a message from a lady who took him for a walk this weekend

I took Sprout out for a walk this morning. In his kennel, he was like a little jumping bean and if he could, I’m sure he would have been shouting ‘pick me, pick me’. However, on the lead, he behaved like the perfect little gentlemen. He did not react when a big dog barked at him through the fence, although he did look at me to make sure I was still there! He didn’t mind me picking him up to help him through the deep mud either. He was happy to walk wherever I wanted to go and was the perfect companion. He’s a little boy who certainly walks tall and I hope someone is lucky enough to want him in their family soon.



Posted on December 19, 2013
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